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    Thanks again

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    Thank you Grandmaster Khachiyan.

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    I feel like being a spokesman for the Bishops. The Bishops are the 88mm Flakanone of the chess board. Yes, the open center makes their operation possible; and certainly we need to be worried about building the Polish Aritillery position, where the gun is completely enclosed; therefore completely safe and completely useless. What to think about if this center is going to come open? How about concentrating some planning on trading off one of your opponents bishops? One of the famous early masters and writters said, "If my kings bishop is traded off, I feel helpless"; or words to that effect. If you were his opponent you certainly wanted him to feel that way, because he beat almost everyone! Something else to think about in addition to the center, the center, and the center; can you trade off a bishop?

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    great video again.  thx !

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    This is a beautiful example ... pawn roller and taking over the center ... limiting the opponent's counterplay and finding some great tactical shots ... subtle ones ... thanks for sharing this and making it into a meaningful and wonderful lesson!

  • 3 years ago


    homework: 1...e2+! 2.Kh2 and now not 2...e1=Q?? 3.f7+ Kf8 4.Bxg7+! where black gets mated, but instead the powerful decoy 2...Bg1+!!, and now either capture lets black queen with check and mate.  That just leaves 3.Kh1 to worry about, but 3...Bxg2+ will lead to 4...e1=Q+ and resignation.

  • 3 years ago


    It's always interesting how quickly a cramped, passive position can see-saw into one where you actually hold the center!

    It's like kinetic vs. potential energy in physics. Some of these "cramped" positions are more like coiled springs than anything else.

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    Great video! thanks.

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    TQ SIR

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    Very good...thank you...

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    instead of focusing on gaining material, focus on controlling the center and thus gaining space, which will then set you up to gain material as your opponent's position collapses, and there is no counter play available because of the annihilation.

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