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    Ocasionally with presentations of this sort positions and assessments are reached that I cannot understand. At around 4.06 after a5 you dissmiss the g4 plan. But to my sub-Carlsenesque positional sense the position after a5 g4 Nh6  Qe4 g6 h3 looks extremely dangerous and the 'h6' knights looks apalling. But what do I know?

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    I play french as black i have a long video about all french and i have it a long video as 4 hours .....could i share with you and ask somethings??

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    Unfortunately, the pgn-file supplied with the video is blank.

  • 19 months ago


                      Thanks alot ,this series has been very enjoyable!  I would love to see a few of your middle game attacks on whites queen side to get the whole picture on  the advantages of playing the French!  I heard some believe the French to be passive and would love to see a few counter attacks that discredit those opinions. 

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    Good ideas! This will help my French Defence.

  • 21 months ago

    NM NoRematch

    The "Get PGN" link doesn't get to moves that match the video.  Frown

  • 21 months ago


    Nice video, I like how you talk about 78 different possibilities of the French!  Cool

  • 21 months ago


    Great series!

    I hope you re-visit the topic in a couple of years with updates and perhaps covering other lines vs 3) Nc3.


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