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  • 23 months ago


    I feel like watching that King walk in the endgame and the perfect method of fixing weaknesses was definitely worth a few rating points in strength.

    When you say that choosing 15. exd4 over 15. Rxd4 is the sign of a strong player over one which is not I must disagree. I feel 15. exd4 is a really logical and easy move to play permanently fixing the c6 weakness with strong control over c5 square and making sure Black's light squared Bishop never lives actively.

    Oddly enough some of the computers actually favor 15. Rxd4 for some reason. But I surely side with you and Hikaru on this one  :)

  • 24 months ago


    Wow! Another true gem of a chess game, superbly delievered analysis and explanations for us mere mortals (below Master level Laughing) and an epic finish, doesn't get much better than this! Cool

    "Strategeic Masterpiece" - couldn't have put it better!!

  • 24 months ago


    Phenomenal game! Also, thank you for explaining the tactical and strategical ideas.

  • 24 months ago


    Excellent, an endgame gem.

  • 24 months ago


    Oh wow, brilliant!

  • 24 months ago


    Wonderfully lucid commentary and a truly inspiring game. Thank you.

  • 24 months ago


    BTW, chess.com staff, I noticed that this game isn't in the Game Explorer. I don't know how often you update your database, but I would love to see the games from the US Championship in there.

  • 24 months ago


    Bravo! A brilliant game. Thanks for such useful and lively commentary.

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