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  • 2 weeks ago


    Absolutely incredible stuff.

  • 9 months ago


    Kasparov once said of Tal, " The rest of us calculate, Tal just 'sees'."

  • 9 months ago


    Incredible game. I suppose he did not see all the variations. He only knew he would have a great initiative. That is fantastic.

  • 10 months ago


    I do not doubt anything GM is saying about Mikhail Tal and his ability to play chess. However there is a danger that people will misunderstand a few things. When he says that Tal wasn't very much into opening preparation and didn't study it as much as the others, he does not mean that Tal wouldn't know the french defense from the sicilian, the sicilian kan from the sicilian najdorf. Tal knew the first 10 or so moves of these openings by heart as well as all the major themes and ideas behind them just as well as all the other players. He just didn't study them in fine detail as much or prepare ultra sharp lines ahead of time; didn't do any home cooking so to speak (which truth be told probably put him at a disadvantage many times). tal didn't just sit down at a chess board for the first time, cold, and do what he did against botvinnik. a lot of study and training came beforehand, regardless of what kind/variety of training/study it was, lest people get the wrong impression.

  • 13 months ago


    Tal is my persnlly favorit world champien!

  • 17 months ago


    Awesome video. Great commentary. When you realize that Tal came up with stuff like this over the board, you really have to wonder if, from a pure talent perspective, he wasn't actually the strongest player of all time.

  • 2 years ago


    i love tal.tal was very big chess player in the history

  • 3 years ago


    One of the best games I have ever seen!Cool

  • 3 years ago


    great video and commentary!


    can anyone tell me the name of the player Tal was facing cause I can't access the full video anymore and I don't remember.

  • 3 years ago



  • 3 years ago


    1 of the most amazing games I've ever seen!!

  • 3 years ago


    This might be the greatest Queen sacrifice of all time ... I'm ranking this game just a notch above Fischer's against Robert Byrne ... why?  Because this is a visionary sacrifice ... it's almost mysterious, not speculative but revolutionary.  Thank you GM Roman for sharing this masterpiece with us!!

  • 3 years ago


    You have to gifted with nerves of steel to play that combination.

  • 3 years ago


    chess doesnt get more amazing than Tal!

  • 4 years ago


    Excellent!! Thank you

  • 4 years ago


    who was tal playing? when was this?

  • 4 years ago


  • 4 years ago


    What an artist, what a genius.  I was looking at b5, but I never considered Nd5!!  Thank you, GM Roman.  It's just a shame that there never was a match between Tal and Fischer.

  • 4 years ago


    Fantastic video. Thanks Roman!!

  • 4 years ago


    Thanks Roman!! Great great video, you rule!!! waiting to see the next one!

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