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  • 4 months ago


    this was use full

  • 19 months ago


    Great video. Helps narrow down the analysis process to just a single critical move in ones game. I had spent far too much time worrying about which variations to analyze in my game, so much so that it would become overwhelming.

    Thanks a lot.

  • 20 months ago


    From a beginner; very helpful, thankyou.

  • 21 months ago


    I thought this was an excellent video.  Thank you, David.

  • 22 months ago


    lol,  chess mentor has like 2 pages of just moving rooks and bishops back and forth... may seem like a waste of time to people who've played for a little while but teaches noobs tho.


    Like when people start learning a language... you should probobly listen and speak it first... its not so obviouse to people who try to read and write it.

  • 22 months ago


    Why would you expect to learn something from a beginner video when your rating is 1559 on Standard Chess. For me this was okay. I didn't learn a lot but it can never hurt to go over some basic principles.

  • 22 months ago


    hukes that is probably because you pay for a diamond membership - for those that don't pay, the video that we get is utterly useless, certainly not enough to tempt us to pay to see more!

  • 22 months ago


    @happy_loser: Well, I learned from this video.

  • 22 months ago


    Even complete beginners would learn nothing from this.

  • 22 months ago


    WOW I can't imagine anyone needing this video, my 4 year old figured out what to do with the analyze button, even if it's aimed at Americans I still feel like you are babying people a bit too much and they are going to feel patronized, try this on the kids page?

  • 22 months ago


    gosh. what a BS of a video

  • 22 months ago


    8 days ago


    what the hell .... which looser put this video on this website

    I know right?

  • 22 months ago


    You did a good job with this video lesson. This lesson should give a beginner a good starting point. Thanks David

  • 22 months ago


    Really, chess.com, to analyze my games, I should click through them?

    WOW, wouldn't occur to me in a thousand moons!

  • 22 months ago


    As a beginner, I appreciate the time you invested into this instructional video!

  • 22 months ago


    Very very basic... but definitely decent advice for beginners, I wish I was told all this a few years back! I'm looking forward to the intermediate/advanced level ones... I'm gonna watch the intermediate level one now Wink

  • 22 months ago


    Thank you for this video!It really helps!

  • 22 months ago


    what the hell ....  which looser put this video on this website

  • 22 months ago


    Quote :


    What a complete and utter waste of my time!

    Chess.com should point out to us when they are promoting these videos that unless we pay their ridiculous subscription fee, we will receive absolutely no instruction, we just have to endure a couple of minutes of some guy going "Blah, Blah, Blah. Blah, Blah...." while pieces fly around the board.

    Thanks for nothing.

    UnQuote :

  • 23 months ago


    I'm gold..Smilebut I guess it's all about the diamonds.CryCry

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