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    Nice video!

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    Wow, your opponent plays e5, opening up the position when his king is in the center and his pieces are stuck on the side of the board. Why can't my opponents play like that? I thought after 1200 that didn't happen. I guess at a certain rating some people feel they're so good they can break all the principles of chess and get away with it. Good thing you crushed him, the chess gods are happy.

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    Your videos are fun, i love it! closed scicilian for wimps! and you have sens of humor, congrats man

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    Thank You.  I didnt know that the yugoslav attavk beats the dragon.

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    wow its strange how you never manage to checkmate your opponent but usually have mate in a couple of moves and your opponent always resigns if you win. Not trying to be offencive you rock danny

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    learning alot.....Innocent

    great video as always,thank you!

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    Learned a lot !  Thanks so much!!

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    You are a gas! I love your R&R mind set. Being a baby boomer musician I really enjoy your approach and I get a ton of useful chess info for my meager game.

    Keep groovin 

    Anthony Jarrett

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    nice game =) but wait...after you retreated Nc3 and said Rc6 was bad on account of Rxf7-then what about Rxc3 Qd5 Rc5?

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    As a beginner, I learn a lot more from the slower pace of your 15 minute intros put together. I'd like more at tha pace.

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    Excellent.  Thank you.

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    IM DanielRensch

    Excellent point flashboy2222... excellent point...

  • 4 years ago

    NM flashboy2222

    On 21:36

    How can you take on f7?

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     I actually understood what was going on....Amazing!! Great job Danny.

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    nice.....this was fun  !!!! thanks for the insights and guidance

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    Very interesting video. I will have to watch it a few more times to pick it all up. But seriously, listening to rapid-fire "bishop g4,  takes,  takes, then h4, then queen e2, rook d1" etc etc is making my head spin. It's like listening to an auctioneer! If this is the speed and depth at which strong players calculate, then I think I will be stuck at 1200 in live chess for the rest of my life :-(

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    so good i watched it again today... im gonna go over it again later and notate the moves and study it carefully... very powerful attack - good work!

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