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  • 13 months ago


    Really useful thx

  • 18 months ago


    Very helpful for a beginner, thankyou

  • 23 months ago


    Great video Thanks Danny

    Like the suck it up part

    How about Chess Up lol

  • 23 months ago


    Love the Princess Bride reference

  • 24 months ago


    Man, I have made thousands of little mistakes just like that. But thanks to your videos Danny, I am making less errors every time I play. I would love to get a blitz game against you sometime, unrated of course.

  • 24 months ago


    Great game you picked there Danny, black was completely crushed! More valuable opening principles learned, good job!

    Looking forward to your next installment Smile

  • 24 months ago


    Thank you for a great video.  One thing you said was startling to me, because i had never heard it before!  It was, "never open the center until your king is safe."  That one piece of advice is going to make a huge difference to us beginners.  Thanks again!

  • 24 months ago


    Danny, being a big fan of you, I listened to this as if the general teaching principles are directed specifically to me :) looking forward to improve my game further..

  • 24 months ago

    IM DanielRensch

    Sorry! Here it is http://www.chess.com/forum/view/game-analysis/member-analysis-auditions

    and I will post it in the other video too!!!

  • 24 months ago


    One of Rensch's most valuable videos to date for beginners.  The example is consistent with the type of games played at this level.  The strategies and tactics were directly applicable to my game.  Thank you. 

  • 24 months ago


  • 24 months ago


    Worst Vizzini impersonation ever.  Still had me laughing though.  ;)

  • 24 months ago

    NM Petrosianic

    excellent video, one of your better ones in terms of advice, danny Smile [edit: when posting this comment, it came up as a preview first, no idea how to reproduce it or why Innocent]

  • 24 months ago


    wonderful video whch consisted of an excellent, review plus new stuff over and above what you were teaching

  • 24 months ago


    iocain powder I believe is the posion :). A movie quoted many times when we were bored on the submarine when I was in the Navy.

  • 24 months ago


    A gem of a video because of its focus on thinking processes employed by titled players.  I really appreciated the overarching insights which seemed to instruct us regarding how to think strategically.  Quite rare to find such thinking process guidelines, and therefore valuable.

  • 24 months ago


    Enjoyed the video. Keep em coming!

  • 24 months ago

    IM DanielRensch

    @pointred -- anymore comments in this thread, and I will close your account for spamming... Frown

    Thank you.


  • 24 months ago


    Great basic analysis! More of this type on basic principles is needed to help players to improve their games without a coach. So I hope you continue in this vein of teaching members. Again, great video.

  • 24 months ago


    Danny...you're way better at chess than me...thats why I'm here...I really appreciate your criticism because it gives me a chance to see a truly excellent chess player break down my moves, that's what it's about...been very valuable, thanks again - I'm not about the ego but getting better, and this is awesome for this!

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