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    Good video

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  • 24 months ago


    Great video. Thanks!

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    Neat sam

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    Great video, very instructive. It is a joy to watch GM Shankland's videos. I particularly like the way he analyzes and explains tactical positions. 

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    I love the way Sam blends positional ideas with tactics in his presentations. He is my favorite teacher on

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    Good stuff,Sam, and thank you. Good luck in the US Champs!

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    Shankland you need to be more of an attacker. Play the dragon, Live for once, take some chances!!! trya make it more than what it is, cause everybody dies but not everybody lives.

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    Thanks for another great video sam, I find your game analysis very instructive, in fact more instructive than most of the other master videos on the site. I always look forward to your videos. I think it's very helpful that you take us through the lines you were considering in every position and often give us opportunities to find the best moves ourselves. I just think you have a very didactic teaching style, keep up the good work bud Smile

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    and Sam Shankland has to get ready for the U.S. Championship in May :)

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    Btw Mr Rensch, I heard from a blindfold simual program that you said you will be doing live sessions against GM Shankland and post moderm by both parties? Is that coming soon? I really hope so..


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    And what about your videos, Danny? Any ideas for some new series of lectures? Maybe some new pawn structures 101? Bam! I want more.

    Great work, Sam, congrats from Argentina.

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    nice thx!!!

  • 3 years ago

    IM DanielRensch

    GM Shankland is the recent recipient of the Samford Chess Fellowship!!! Laughing More on that coming soon...

    So, Sam's "lack of video production" on the site has to do with his priorities changing (aka, he's trying to focus solely on this chess improvement) and not with his "price tag" Wink


  • 3 years ago


    great video from GM Shankland again, probably the best author on this site . just worried that now he pick up more and more rating points and will be more expensive to get him do lecture here... maybe this explains why the amount of video from him is drastically reduced from last year.. really hope he continue to do lecture on this site its my main reason for paying subsribe

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    In the line you gave at 17:26 after 1.b3, can't black just go 1...Qd3+, knowing that rook can't take because of mate on c1?  And then if Nf2 pick up the rook on e2, and if Rf2 then Qxd1 with the same mate on c1 idea?  If Ka1 then Qxd1 with mate. (Possibly the 'funny business' GM Shankland was referring to?)

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