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  • 4 months ago


    Thanks Coach Melik

  • 20 months ago


    I really enjoy seeing players play their pet lines with success thanks for sharing GM Melik keep on playing it Cool

  • 21 months ago


    Can Black play g4 instead of Qf7? (near the end of the game, when the Qs come off)

  • 22 months ago


    So clear; precise, logical. successful! You left some nice "land mines" for a typical "human move"; as opposed to a computer move; but your oponents, were playing at their ratings and didn't make any "humanisms".

  • 22 months ago


    Great addition to the Schliemann series.

  • 22 months ago


    Nice games!  You played two of California's greatest living legends ... well Melik now you're part of our great chess legacy here in the Golden State!  Nice job and great video!!

  • 22 months ago


    Nice video, good, good stuf. I enjoy all these videos, has helped my game.

  • 22 months ago

    NM Adaar

    I enjoyed the recovery by Black into a very comfortable position against GM Browne. 

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