About Chess.com

About Chess.com

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Chess.com is #1 in online chess... But who are we? Where did Chess.com come from? Where are we going?

The Beginning
Chess.com started in 2005 when two friends — Jay and Erik (that's me!) — decided the world needed a better chess website. We met 10 years earlier in college, where I first became addicted to chess — and Jay was the chess club president. We became friends through our shared passion for the game.

There were places to play online, but none of them felt like home. We imagined a site where people could build their chess home online and all in one place: to play in a safe and friendly environment, find friends, save their games, tell their chess stories, share ideas, and learn from each other.

I was mid-way through a graduate degree at Stanford and all of my classmates were taking jobs in finance or hot tech companies. But I turned down job offers (including Facebook!) to follow the dream of building the greatest chess site the world had ever seen. And I convinced Jay’s wife to let him join me! Luckily enough, we found out that “chess.com” was coming available in a bankruptcy auction, and we bought the name.

Over the next several years, Jay and I poured our life savings, our hearts, and most of our waking hours into building Chess.com. But we never imagined what it is today!


Chess.com Today
- Chess.com hosts more than one million chess games every day. It’s crazy. Even we can’t believe it!

- Chess.com employs more than 100 people as programmers, content editors, and member support. This team is entirely virtual (no office) and represents 12 countries!

- Chess.com supports more than 50 world class chess players, coaches, and professionals by paying them to create awesome content.


Our Values
Chess.com tries to be more than a chess site. We strive to be a community where chess fans from around the world can feel safe and happy while they grow as chess players. Here's what we believe in:

- Kindness: We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. We encourage everyone to follow the golden rule of treating others how you would like to be treated. Be kind!

- Learning: You never lose when you learn! Life and chess are both about learning, growing, experimenting, failing and then getting back up again with greater knowledge and understanding.

- Joy: We believe in fun, smiles, laughter, and in creating enjoyable experiences for everyone. Chess can be pure joy! The beauty of the game and the pure satisfaction of moving chess pieces around a board… exhilarating!


Meet The Team


shaun Shaun - Director of Support

I wear two hats for Chess.com. First, I'm here to make sure technical problems do not get in the way of your chess experience. Secondly, I edit the chess news articles to make sure their content sparkles. In my personal life I like to play tournament chess (badly), write sci-fi and fantasy literature (slightly better than I play chess), and enjoy long walks on the . . . wait, what is this blurb for again?

patzer24 Matt (Patzer24) - Billing & Member Services

I am the man who takes care of your every billing and membership need. I also do a lot of behind the scenes tasks in the up keep of the chess end of things on the website. Chess is my life, that is why I am here, duh! When I am not on here doing what I do you will probably find me at a real life chess tournament.

Brenda Alex - Customer Experience

I help members get the most out of their Chess.com membership. Before this role I was a Live Chess Presenter, Chess TV Moderator, and Live Chess Moderator for 3 years. When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, playing chess, and fast cars.

amelia Amelia - Member Support

I help out with member support along with my amazing teammates on Chess.com. We are like the Three Amigos, except there are more than three of us. Wherever there is injustice, we'll be there, whenever there is disconnection, you will find us. . . here. I am highly motivated by gratitude for a job well done. I enjoy mountain biking, going to the beach, hanging out with my nieces, and teaching Public Speaking at the college level. I like collecting jokes, listening to music, and sharing meals with friends. I am a cancer survivor. My ultimate idea of a good time is a spontaneous dance party where there is endless guacamole.

jaclyn Jaclyn - Member Support

I work on the small things to keep everyone happy so that you guys can focus on your skills Outside of work, I like spending time with my two dachshunds (Schnitzel and Luna) and keeping up with new technology trends.

Kayt Kisha - Member Support

Hi! Dobry Den! Hola! Hallo! I've been playing chess (F2F and on chess.com) since 2008. (Hey, that rhymes...) I'm a global kind of girl. I'm Panamanian-American! My second home is Czech Republic! I have lived all over the world. Traveling is my second love. My first, of course, is chess When I'm not online at chess.com I am probably: playing my guitar, looking for the next great band, writing your favorite viral web content, editing magazines, knitting, doing yoga, cooking some vegetarian meal, training for half marathons, or running through some terminal in an airport. Really, I'm just your typical girl next door with a chess obsession.

I love helping people and making them happy I'm here to help you whenever you have a question. I also am a firm believer that in order to be happy at life, you should be nice and have fun.

BrotherJosh Josh - Member Support & ChessTV Production

I am Joshua Sampson, AKA BrotherJosh. I am a member of the support team and The ChessTV Product manager. In my spare time, I like to spend it with my family, Bread making, and Karaoke!

Kirkwood Matt - Events Coordinator & Titled Player Liaison

I've been working in the chess world for about 7 years, and with Chess.com since 2014! I mostly help out with supporting you, our members. I'm here to make sure that your experience on Chess.com is the best it can possibly be. In addition to my support role, I help out with Social Media, ChessTV, and special behind the scenes projects that help to make Chess.com better for everyone! I also routinely donate rating points to my opponents in 3|0. The highlight of my chess career was winning the 2010 US Open Bughouse side event, where I carried my partner (GM Hikaru Nakamura) to a shared first place prize of roughly $32.

Brenda Brenda - Member Support

Hello, I'm with Chess.com Support Team! If you have questions or concerns, please ask away! I have 2 beautiful kids who keep me on my toes! On my own time ( if I have any left) I typically end up at a coffee shop! I absolutely love coffee. So If I ever go MIA, you now know where to find me! I'm also a huge fan of inspirational quotes, I feel like they help me see a whole new perspective of life! Here is one of my favorites: "As you get older, what you look like on the outside becomes less and less of an issue, and who you are on the inside becomes the primary point of interest. You eventually realize that beauty has almost nothing to do with looks; it's who you are as a person, how you make others feel about themselves, and most importantly how you feel about yourself."- Unknown.

monitor Gerard (monitor) - Cheat Detection, Data Analyst + Statistics Research

Monger of cheese, scrumper of fruit, exponent of England, complainer of merit.

david David - Site Moderator & Abuse Monitor

Helping to Keep It Clean by identifying and removing stuff we don't want, like fake spam accounts and other material that I encounter on my chess.com virtual travels.

ReesesHangingPieces Rich - Abuse and Cheat Detection

I keep Chess.com clean and fun for honest players.


DanielRensch IM Daniel Rensch - Vice President of Content

Try to say "I do chess for a living..." and not smile. You can't. It's impossible. Seriously, I'm the luckiest guy in the room: A Chess Professional who somehow managed to turn his love and knowledge of the game into the best job in the world! Though I don't play much actual chess myself these days, I'm proud to be the guy in charge of all the chess content you enjoy here. I take every chance I get to record videos and host Chess/TV shows myself, but "in between sets", I'm fortunate to work with an amazing team of amazing people doing amazing things.

Love the wife. Love the kids. Love the life.

mikeklein FM Mike Klein - Director of Content

FM stands for Fun Master. My favorite chess piece is the pencil on the scoresheet. I like writing about chess more than playing in tournaments, and Chess.com weirdly allows this blasphemous mindset. I'll take it! I report on tournaments, do live commentary, edit lots of videos and articles, and keep Chesskid.com running smoothly. I'm like a slightly older, less loquacious, lower-rated version of Danny. I like to travel, play tennis, bike, and play with my kitten, Ipso Facto.

peterdoggers Peter Doggers - Director of Content

Besides many different "little things", I am responsible for keeping you updated on the chess news. As a chess fan I can hardly imagine a better job, so I feel lucky and privileged to be able to do this for a living! I founded ChessVibes.com in 2007. In September 2013, Chess.com "proposed" to ChessVibes, and ChessVibes said yes! My site was acquired, and I was hired full time. The result? A great chess platform with great content (ahum). I live in Amsterdam with my girlfriend and Miep, our lovely cat. I like outdoor activities and (rock) music. And chess, of course!

Pete - Senior Editor

I am the senior editor at Chess.com.

My duties include managing the content calendar, maintaining editorial quality, and working with the rest of our talented staff to bring you the best chess articles, videos, and news on Chess.com and on its social media.

I am perhaps best-known for my aptly named column, "Pete's Pathetic Chess."

mjpennywark Michael - Director of Media Production

As a video editing guru, I put together the videos and make ChessTV better.

I also direct short films and enjoy writing for a variety of publications. I'm often found in the gym when not playing chess or spending time with my awesome wife. 

sofiawahdat Sofia - Video Editor

I do video editing for the awesome chess.com users looking to learn chess from some incredible masters. I was born and raised in the NY Metropolitan area, but I love to travel. My two favorite countries that I have visited are Lebanon and Incredible India, but I look forward to traveling to many more spell-binding countries soon! I am about to be married to my king and hope to have a few pawns running around soon after.

M3tthew Matt T - Motion Designer

I do motions designs & explainer videos. My passions in life: cycling, boxing, playing music & spending time with my wife.

Marinche88 Marina - Graphic Artist

I’m a graphic designer, loving everything related to design, art and travel. Worked on lots of amazing projects, most notable are Gambit and now Chess.com. In my free time I enjoy drawing and painting or spending time with my fiancé and my two Beagles Molly and Fanta.

SamCopeland NM Sam Copeland - Director of Social Media & International Content

For as long as I can remember, I've been enthusiastically blundering pieces. Gradually, my zeal for chess has lead me to more opportunities as a chess coach, instructor, and writer. In 2014, I started a company, Strategery: Chess and Games, to teach children in my hometown how to play the royal game.

Chess.com has been both my favorite place to play and train chess and my best resource for private and group coaching, and I'm excited to work for the Chess.com team, helping to edit and write some of the great content chess.com puts out every day."

dpruess IM David Pruess - Advisor & Caster

Born in Berkeley, CA, where I now live. Started chess tournaments at 12, and immediately started playing and studying all the time, through the end of high school. While in high school/college, I worked as: swim teacher, math and french tutor, chess teacher, publisher's assistant, management consultant, organizer. Upon graduation, I worked for a presidential campaign, then founded a brick and mortar chess club, then went to teach English in China. I received the Samford Fellowship while there, and when I came home started 2 years as a professional chess player, travelling to many tournaments and befriending many chess players. In January 2009, I transitioned from professional player to working at Chess.com as Director of Content. I hired great chess teachers to produce content for us, created our video and chessTV products, our professional articles, helped design ChessKid, revamped drills, chess mentor, our database, and more, set up our first big events like GStar Raw Challenge. Really enjoyed the work and my co-workers, and became a co-owner along the way. In early 2013 I left the company; took a small vacation, and then spent a year co-writing an as yet unpublished novel with a friend. In December 2014 my daughter was born, and I spent the next 18 months caring for her full-time. Since she started daycare I have been working as a school teacher, and doing some broadcasting, video, and consulting work for Chess.com again.

gregshahade IM Greg Shahade - Pro Chess League Commissioner


shinokk Stefan - Director of Internationalization

A multilingual chess enthusiast who likes to combine his passions to make awesome things happen. What you should know about me: Jeg elsker sjakk og språk! but don’t quote me on that, I’m still learning Norwegian.

If I’m not playing chess, I’m busy managing things related to Chess.com translation. If I’m not translating… well, I’m playing chess!

luisfsiles FM Luis Fernández Siles - Spanish Content

Writing articles, recording videos and doing broadcasting for the spanish language audience. Happy to be part of this great family :) Actor, and magician in my youth. Currently editor and director of Capakhine (spanish chess kids magazine). Youtuber, blogger and chess lover.

blitzstream NM Kevin Bordi - French Content
inesgoni Ines - Spanish Translations

¡Hi! My name's Inés and I am responsible for the translation of Chess.com articles, reports, and other materials into Spanish. I work together with my dear colleague David Kaufmann so that Chess.com's Spanish-speaking users can read the best-quality material in their own language. I don't play chess myself but I am married to a GM so I have some insight into professional chess life :wink: There are many things I love doing in my free time, but my main hobby is singing! Feel free to check out my music band Mississippi Queen & The Wet Dogs on social media. Hope you enjoy what we do!

maria WFM Maria Emelianova - Russian Translations

Russian photographer, former chess player (WFM). have Masters degree in IT, photojournalism additional education from Moscow State University. love traveling, languages, cats and good food.

mateusz_dubinski CM Mateusz Dubiński - Polish Translations

My name is Mateusz. I am from Poland. I have been playing chess since I was 6. I am almost 2300 rated player and my goal is to break that magical point so I can be the FM. I study law and hope to graduate it soon. My biggest hobby is basketball, I watch NBA games (my favourite team is Miami Heat) and read a lot about it. Besides I like playing snooker and tennis.

ranittan Carlos - Portugese Translations

In the 1960's, when I'd be in the high school cafeteria with my friends trying to squeaze a game of chess in between classes, we could hardly imagine a world where you could play chess anytime with just about anyone on the planet. I also couldn't imagine that one day I'd be contributing to the one site that does it best. Thank you Chess.com for making it possible and thank you to those that transformed that vision into a reality!

Gerhard Gerhard - German Translations

Born and graduated school in Munich (Germany). Later moved to Liverpool (England), Moscow (Russia), Chisinau (Moldova) and Bucharest (Romania). Now back in Munich. Was co/webmaster of the site www.jelena-dokic.com back in 2000, and since then always working in all sort of online activities.


jay Jay - CTO

Here from the beginning! I guide the company in the right direction on the tech front. I love to golf and play video games!

bcurtis Ben (bcurtis) - Chief Architect

I started as a website developer with Jay, coding on Chess.com since just a few months after it was born. There are many developers now focused on many systems, and as Architect my job it to keep all of these different pieces talking and coordinated, and as we grow and a new feature or infrastructure change is needed then I design how it fits into the whole. Outside of work, I write screenplays and am finishing my first novel — it must be a long-term passion, because I've been "finishing" it for years now.

marcosdsanchez Marcos - Senior PHP Developer

I'm in charge of creating awesome features and fixing bugs on the website. When I'm not coding, I like to spend time with my family or drive to beautiful places near my city (beach or mountains). I like music, good food and tv shows. I'm a huge beatles fan.

termleech Chuck - Web Dev

I began my interest in computers at an early age spending hours hacking away on my Commodore 64. I consider myself a jack of all programming languages and master of none. Before coming to chess.com I was working on my own startup focused on mobile web apps for small businesses. I am married with two beautiful children. I hail from the US Midwest. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my kids, cycling and playing football and baseball with my son. I'm also a certified BBQ judge and spend many weekend during the summer judging contests.

yneves Yuri - Front-end & Javascript Developer

I've been a chess.com enthusiast long before i joined the team and i'm very excited to be part of it now. When i'm not coding professionaly, i'm coding for fun or getting a new tattoo.

yaroslavrudiak Slavko - Front-end Developer

Every specialist has their own priorities at work. The most important principle for me is to be detail-oriented. I am sure that the sense of easy intuitive interface is in details. Each pixel plays its own role.

echosa Brian - Developer

I’ve been programming for fun since the mid 90’s and professionally since 2000. I enjoy learning and trying new languages and software, and I always find something new to apply to what I already know. Here at Chess.com, I work mostly as a PHP developer, but I also toss my hat into the front-end arena as well. Outside of work, when I’m not programming for fun, I’m a musician, a lyricist, a dragon collector, and occasionally a haiku writer. I also enjoy curling, Dota 2, and tea… lots and lots of tea.

pawnmorphy Dan - Developer

I'm Dan Vignes, born in New Orleans but grew up and reside a few miles east in the city of Pass Christian, MS. I got hooked up with chess.com by replying to a really old job advertisement and talking with Erik for a few months! I’ve been brought on as a Web Developer and you’ll probably see me first doing things like getting master games rocking, random tickets, and some cool features coming down the pipe. I’ve been a professional developer for 12+ years, all over the place stack wise, and I couldn’t be more pumped to be a part of the team! When I’m not dev’ing I enjoy aggravating my two little girls and wife, doing things around my community, and of course playing Chess!

Michael Jablecki Michael - PHP Developer

A programmer by trade, an amateur musician, photographer, cook, board and video gamer, productivity nut and incredibly lucky husband.

Interested in the internet from the beginning. It’s a privilege to have seen the world both before and after the internet changed it. When interviewing for my first job with a tech company, the hiring manager specifically remarked, “you really love internet.” It seemed strange to hear it then, but in retrospect it was a most keen observation.

trockey89 Aleksandar - Developer

All around back-end developer. If I'm not coding, I'm either eating or driving. Going wherever I can go, enjoying nature and medieval architecture (and often combining it with coding).

kalifg Michael - Developer

Husband and father to two beautiful daughters and six quirky canines.

Testing/ Caching/ Doctrine/ MySQL guy. DevOps/Tools contributor. I enjoy working in multiple different languages and debugging tricky issues.

slavchoo Slava - PHP Developer

I’m a Symfony developer, my main projects at Chess.com is Clubs, Content i18n stuff, Lessons and Drills. I’m passionate snowboarder. Love traveling, books, workouts

ShonM Shon - PHP Developer

I help other developers get things done.

vladapopster Vladimir - PHP Developer

Developing web applications by using PHP is my main occupation in last five years. I am passionate about Web technologies and creating new features on the Internet and make it a better place to live in. I am helping Chess.com to provide better API integration within our system. I am Web Developer, coming from Belgrade, Serbia. When I am not programming, I like to spend some time with my two awesome kids, enjoying in long mountain walks, sports, fishing, hanging out with my friends. Also I like to travel and meet other cultures and new peoples.

zarkostankovic86 Zarko - PHP Developer

I'm the guy who brings modern RESTful API to awesome Chess.com platform so our mobile applications get even better! Very passionate programmer, good friend, like to play sports, travel, hang out with my friends and everything that is considered good in life I also play guitar and since music is one of the most important things in my life, I like to play it often

chirieac Adrian - JavaScript Developer

I'm building a cool 3D chess board using WebGL. I'm a man who likes cats, wolf howls and tries to improve himself!

roland Roland - Director of Research

Among the many many qualifications that typically do not appear on my resume, I:
- have managed five winning political campaigns
- can operate a patch clamp and a flow cytometer
- was expelled from Johns Hopkins and disqualified from Jeopardy!, which both start with J
- have an Erdős number of 3

I also consider myself to be a professional yodeler, because someone once bought me a drink after karaoke, which is technically compensation.

dgus Daniel - Statistical Research

Currently crunching chess games and extracting statistically interesting and potentially product-izable models. Outside of work, I enjoy playing chess, travelling, skiing, hikes with my dog, cooking ...and more importantly, eating!

Nathan Nathan - Engine Master

As a kid, I was given an Apple II computer, and I haven't stopped programming since. I've always enjoyed playing chess, but I was never all that good, so I decided to make a chess engine instead. Here at Chess.com, I have the tremendous blessing of getting paid to have fun tinkering on chess engines.

I grew up in the Midwest, but I've spent the last few years living in beautiful parts of Asia. Besides chess and programming, I love spending time with my wonderful wife and kids.

dwcoates Dodge - Engine Developer
Martyn Martyn - Front-end Developer

I love designing and developing for the browser. It's a clean slate, a blank canvas, that can be painted and modified at no cost other than time. As a front-end developer, my favorite programming language is JavaScript. It's a joy working with the incredible team at Chess.com and helping people have a digital experience of their favorite game. In my spare time I enjoy cycling and running around the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and spending time with my wife.

Aethelstan Andy - Full-stack Developer

I’m a front-end developer who absolutely loves chess. It’s been enlightening to work with such forward-thinking people, on a game that I love and truly believe in, is a dream come true.

rangogligoric Goran - Developer

Programmer dedicated to jank-busting throughout the website therefore making chess.com the ideal place for all chess lovers. Dragonfly enthusiast, chasing Odonata across Europe with my beloved girlfriend.

kainovic Marko - Full-stack Developer

I solve problems, as Mr. Winston Wolfe would say - the only difference is I solve programming problems.

vetalt Vitaliy - PHP Developer

I am in charge of moving the site to new engine, making things fast and reliable. Beside the work I am just a family guy.

umpirsky Saša - Developer

When you play chess from the comfort of your home chair know that there is an awesome team behind it which takes care that it runs smoothly behind the scenes. I am a small piece of that puzzle.

andreamorandini Andrea - Developer

I'm working on API related projects and all that stuff you don't care until it doesn't work. In free time I like to read when my girlfriend doesn't push me to ride our bikes or go to the swimming pool

piotr Piotr - Live Chess Architect

I've been here from the very beginning mainly focused on Live Chess (my passion) and coordinating all related projects and working with amazing people. I like photography and playing board games and I love to spend time with my family.

gena_s Gena - Live Chess Developer

I'm part of Live Chess server team. Clean code is my passion. Besides work (and playing chess, of course) I like to ride my bike around the city and play different active sports outside

pablo Pablo - Live Chess Developer

I work on the back-end, creating integration tests for the Live Chess. I have worked at Phoenix Online Studios, Banco do Brasil, Muvuca Games. I like to improve code quality and to play video games, real time strategy and turn based strategy games and also card and board games. Follow me on twitter @pablosaraiva

madeathome Milan - Live Chess Developer

I enjoy travelling and meeting new people. Like spending hours thinking about efficiency and low latency.

shadowc Matias - JavaScript & Live Chess Developer

I work with all things Live Chess and blame Internet Explorer for all my bugs! I'm also a pianist and composer, former classical and now a rock/pop artist.

rododin Nikolay - Live Chess Developer

I'm a Java Developer focused on LiveChess server, LiveChess Client API and other stuff like Chess Bots (computer players), monitoring applications, etc. I'm also a fan of Star Wars May the Force be with You!

igor Igor - Systems Administrator

I take care of the servers/network/backups and other systems infrastructure stuff. When not working I either spend time with my family or do an occasional outdoors recreational activity.

igor Nikola - SysAdmin Support

wistcc Winner - Developer

I love software development from the very first time I met it, It's a passion for me. When I'm not programming professionally, I'm doing some on my own just for fun. I enjoy to learn new things, spend time with my family and travel.

haxatrax Jesse - Developer

I’m a developer here at chess.com working on the front end team to redesign features and make it easier to play chess. I’ve been programming since before Myspace was the new Friendster, and have written code for things like websites, medical lasers, clocks, and guitar amps. When I’m not on the internet I’m drinking coffee, playing guitar, watching movies, or drinking more coffee.

cklmercer Cody - Developer

I've been programming and building computers since an early age. Driven by a love for games and a fascination with technology; I always dreamed of working on a great team like the one here at Chess.com. As a full stack developer, I work on multiple facets of the site adding new features, fixing bugs and striving for perfection.

stevan_r Stevan - Developer

Right now, I am PHP developer at Chess.com which is really fun for me. It puts me in a position to be able to work on very interesting chess features. Currently I am responsible for the push notifications and some parts of the API side. Outside of work, I like to play tennis. My friend taught me the basic things, so it's something my friends and I do and hopefully my son and I will play together one day. I also enjoy skiing and driving go karts. It makes me feel relaxed. Someday, I hope to switch to F1 :)

jimthunderbird Jim - Developer

I will be working on Javascript and The chess engine. When I am not working I enjoy playing table tennis and playing chess.

spiderbytes Norm - Engine Developer

I do systems admin, engineering, programming, projects, and engine testing Outside of work, I play guitar, and enjoy drinking fine Belgian beers and watching sports.

oswaldo Oswaldo - Front-end Developer

I've been playing chess since my childhood when my grandfather taught me, so this has sentimental value for me. Another thing I love is working, I swear ... coding, I love new technologies and new ways to solve problems (yes, a nerd). I am also a father with two daughters, they are what moves me, my reason for living.

Alexander Alexander - Front-end Developer

I'm front-end developer at Chess.com. I prefer to spend free from development time with my family. Among my hobbies, there are football, bodybuilding, and books reading. I also prefer active rest, fishing and traveling. I spend a lot of time with my son. He totally enters into my feelings for fantasy genre: Star Wars, Star Track, Marvel and DC Universe. Chess has been opened for me from another angle. I never thought I'd get so fascinated by them. Now I not only watch movies about Hulk and Iron Man with my son, but we are constantly improving our chess skills together.

Akira Akira - Front-end Developer

I started seriously learning to code over 2 years ago and was the best decision of my life. You can have an idea, sit down, and actually bring that idea to life. I feel like Superman with a computer! Although my favorite DC character is the Flash. Working as a frontend developer at Chess.com allows me to do what I love everyday, combine that with my passion for chess - talk about a dream job! When I’m not coding or playing chess, I’m either reading, listening to music or watching Netflix.

drewjbartlett Drew - Front-end Developer
SimulatedGREG Greg - Front-end Developer


eaarthman Tony - Lead Android Developer

While my main interest is backgammon, I consider chess to be an interesting challenge.

Before I was a software developer, I was an urban planner -- think SimCity, but more meetings. I wanted to save the world, but mostly saved people from the scourge of their neighbors' sheds.

Given the large and well-known overlap between planning and programming, I took to the latter readily, and now find myself leading Chess.com's Android team. Couldn't be happier!

mikaelswenson Mikael - Senior Android Developer

Some years ago I gave my contact information to Erik for "future purposes", I was not applying for a job. I just wanted to give Chess.com a heads-up about my strong interest in chess and what I could potentially bring to the table in the future! I only work part-time, and I'm mainly focusing on software architecture and looking into how the architecture of the Android app can be improved! As mentioned, I only work part-time; my main job is as an Android developer and Scrum Master at a company named Ustwo, mostly known to the public for the game Monument Valley! At the moment I work on an app for BMW who is the biggest client we have in our Nordic studio in Sweden, which is where I live. Before Ustwo I've worked at BlackBerry and at a company named TAT and in all of my 10 years in the business I've worked side-by-side with top-class designers, heavily focused on user interfaces, which is my strongest domain. Outside work, chess plays a huge part of my life, and has been since I started playing at the age of nine. Being president of our local club and also teaching chess to kids, as well as being an avid player myself!

vladimirmalykhin Vladimir M - Android Developer

I'm a Java and Android Developer and I enjoy working at the best company in the world! :-) I live in Ukraine but speak Russian. I spend my free time with my daughter and wife.

patches Patches - Android Developer


pedrobolanos Pedro B - iOS Developer

I'm an iOS developer who likes to lay out user interfaces until they look pixel perfect! I also like learning about new technologies, and making sure that coding standards and best practices are being followed. I also like developing and designing games! In my free time I love to watch and play soccer, and to goof around with my nephews!

faisal Faisal - iOS Developer

I work on iPhone/iPad app and serving Chess.com users is the best feeling I've ever had throughout my career. I think that the universe is a discrete continuity system where every distance is infinite and zero at the same time. Yeap, that's right. I'm crazy!

Anton Anton - iOS Developer

I'm an iOS developer and a mathematician (or mathemagician if I'm feeling funny that day). Here at Chess.com (the best place to work in the world) I work mainly on front-end features for iPhones and iPads, so if you can think of something to make our app even more mind-bogglingly awesome than it already is, hit me up!
In my spare time I like to be just absolutely terrible at chess (no, really, it's quite embarrassing), and I'm a voracious reader of all things sci-fi and fantasy.

waqas Waqas - iOS Developer

Being a chess.com user since 2009, working with this awesome team has been a priceless opportunity. I get to develop and improve the app I've been using for so long! Before diving into iOS development, I've worked mostly as a game developer and founded two game companies - Half Fried Games and IQ Friends. In my free time, I read, play chess and watch tv (also animes, One Piece is my favorite!)

recursivemind Steven - iOS Developer


Carey Carey - CEO of ChessKid

Hi, my name is Carey, and I'm the head of Chesskid. You could say that this role is perfect for me, because I love chess, and I am a kid at heart! My role is to try to make the Chess experience for kids, coaches and teachers as fun and impactful as possible, and I've got a great team to work with. Outside of work, I love to play Chess (naturally), poker, be a nerd about all things tech and business related, and spend time with my boys.

ChessKidGirl Christine - Project Manager

I reach out to schools and youth organizations across the country & around the world - to introduce them to ChessKid.com and show how their students can learn and connect through chess. If you work with a large scholastic program, I'm here to help get your program organized, active, and make ChessKid.com easy to use. I'm also lucky to represent ChessKid.com in person at on-site events and tournaments. Stop by & say hi!

bojanpejic5 Bojan - PHP Developer

I'm working every day to make ChessKid.com more and more amazing, and I'm happy to be a member of such a great team! I love to play soccer and I'm playing it from my age of 8, in last 14 years I'm an active player of a local club. Beside sports, I like to travel and visit new places and learn about cultures, hang out with friends, watch a good movie or tv show for relaxing.

rafaqf Rafa - Front-end Developer

After playing chess on Chess.com for some years, I started to work for ChessKid.com as frontend developer... and I'm so happy! I really enjoy making our page look awesome and helping those little masters to improve their chess skills. I've also been a musician for more than the half of my life - a drummer, precussionist, music producer and DJ. I live in Berlin, where I have several music projects with my friends, rock and electronic ones. My life swings between my work at Chess.com and my music. Chess, love and rock'n'roll!

Rodrigo Rodrigo - PHP Developer

I work on developing ChessKid, improving the site and adding new features! For fun I like to learn a little about everything, play and watch soccer, and travel to chess tournaments with my love Vanessa. We met at a local chess club here in Miami and now we have a lovely family.

lackovic10 Ivan - PHP Developer

I work on developing features for the next version of chess.com including articles, news, lessons... I am also helping the new API team fix bugs and build a new version of the API. I like to play all kinds of sports, mostly basketball, tennis, handball etc, and also like to travel a lot and party

fischwitsch NM Dane Mattson - Curriculum

I am a curriculum specialist at ChessKid which entails writing, editing, and recording material. Outside of work, I enjoy playing chess, bicycling, and hiking. I also enjoy organizing community events that raise awareness to the cognitive and social benefits of chess. As a National Master, I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States to compete in chess tournaments. I enjoy traveling to new places and meeting new people, and am excited to be a member of the Chess Kid team!

NasarUllahKhan Nasar - Graphic Artist

I work as an artist for ChessKid.com. I create cartoon illustrations and do short animations of chess pieces and try bring them to life. I love to create art, cartoons, games and eat pizza :-). Its been awesome experience working with Chess.com team!

tessaschools Tessa - Director of Social Media Marketing & Engagement and Chess.com Support Member

Hi, my name is Tessa! I am in charge of the ChessKid.com social media posts and conversations. My job is to stay connected with chess education and Chess Kids around the world in order to share info, pictures, and news that will benefit teachers, coaches, and parents of ChessKids. As a professional singer-songwriter, I spend the rest of my time performing and making music in whatever ways I can. Which reminds me, I also get to write/sing parody songs about chess - https://youtu.be/Ut22hTc0Qdw!

Blackenne Naomi - Account Specialist

Hey Chessers! I’m just your friendly, neighborhood member support person, here to help you in any way I can. I love to create smiles and hopefully will be able to solve any of your problems =) About me? I love my job, my kid, my dog, my life! I don’t have time for much else but if I did, I’d be out riding my motorcycle to the local billiards club to school some boys in 9-ball. Afterwards, I’d sing some karaoke and dance the night away, then fall asleep reading about flying a dragon

The secret to life = be content with what you have, in this, you will find happiness.

AZMichelle Michelle - Director of Marketing & Client Relations Chesskid.com

Knowing that playing chess helps children develop the 21st century skills they need in this fast-paced world, I hope to make chess as accessible to them as possible. I love connecting with coaches, teachers, schools & districts around the world to help with getting their program started on ChessKid.com. I'm here to help you implement ChessKid.com into your program, show you how to get your kids active, and to offer support and guidance every step of the way!


jdcannon Jonathan - Project Management, Mod Manager & QA

I'm JD! You'll see my fingerprints all over the site! I head up the MOD Team, answer support tickets, some video metadata editing and helping Tiger create and update video guides as well as occasionally co-hosting Chess Thearpy and Melik & Me! Like many of you, I'm aspiring to get that coveted NM title! Hopefully in the next couple years!

I wish you all the best of luck and I hope to see you around on Chess.com!

deepgreene Michael - QA and iOS Project Manager

In return for helping to design cool new features, I get to play with them first - and then tease everyone about it on Facebook & Twitter. I actually do still enjoy chess quite a bit, but I also love to stay a few steps ahead of my inner lazy slob by running at least 20 miles a week.

ignoble Dallin - VP of Product Design

I do my best to help make Chess.com simple, easy, and fun to use. My passions in life include spending time with my wife and kids, running, cycling, snowboarding, hiking, camping, sushi, experiential learning, and creating cool stuff.

chrka Christoffer - Quality Assurance

I mainly work on on the QA side of things (primarily web and Android), but I have a tendency to poke my nose into all kinds of stuff. I have a wide range of interests, including anything related to science, computing and languages (and chess, of course!), so I'm thrilled to be working in such a diverse environment as this!

Tyler Tyler - Quality Assurance

I've been part of Chess.com for two years. I help test new features on both Chess.com and ChessKid. When I am offline, I enjoy web development and host a tech podcast when I am not working. You may find me on Medium occasionally blogging, as well.


erik Erik - CEO

My job is to hire people smarter than me - and I did! I am the luckiest person in the world to work with such amazing people on such a meaningful project like Chess.com. I am an avid chess player and love meeting random players from around the world - maybe I will see you over the board!

mycogen Misi - Advisor

I am an advisor to Chess.com. I believe that the modern Internet is perfect for intellectual gaming and chess is the most popular human mind game. An avid chess fan and player myself, I am very enthusiastic about the success of Chess.com and enjoy my role in helping the team. I am Hungarian/Russian and I work in venture capital where I get to meet and help many talented entrepreneurs.

brenan Brenan - VP of Operations and Marketing

I manage our ad inventory, demand generation, marketing optimization, and general business operations. I'm a professional snow/skateboarder; not in the sense that I actually get paid to do it or that I am any good, but I do handle myself professionally. Fortunately, I love internet business and marketing too!

David K David K - Marketing, Analytics, and Growth

I started in the chess world when I was 4 years old and at 15 I discovered my passion for the business and marketing world, specially applied to chess. After so many great experiences, I am really proud to be able to contribute to the best chess website in the world in the areas of Online Marketing, Analytics, Business Intelligence and growth strategies.

alex_cabric Aleksandra - Business Analyst

I'm follower and analyst of all numbers, from financial to statistical. I'm working on preparing reports and things related to accounting. I have a lot of friends, so usually I use free time to spend with them, love travelling and enjoy to learn new things.

lee Lee - Strategic Adviser

Husband, father, patzer. Jack of all trades, master of none. Hidden talents include being able to explain the rules of games really well and tying animal balloons. For real.


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ChessMarkstheSpot ChessMarkstheSpot (Mark) - Chess.com/TV Group Manager and Co-Founder
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GeniusKJ Kairav Joshi (GeniusKJ) - President of Chess.com University


brucepandolfini NM brucepandolfini - Articles


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EugenePerelshteyn GM EugenePerelshteyn- Articles & Lessons


batgirl batgirl - Articles


JoseDiaz JoseDiaz - Chess Cartoons


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GMMelik GM Melikset Khachiyan (GMMelik) - ChessTV & Videos


gmfinegold GM Ben Finegold (gmfinegold) - ChessTV & Videos


mauriceashley GM mauriceashley - Videos


vmikhalevski GM Victor Mikhalevski (vmikhalevski) - Videos


Irochka83 GM Irina Krush (Irochka83) - ChessTV & Videos
MacMolner GM Mackenzie Molner (MacMolner) - Videos


axvesik WGM Tatev Abrahamyan (axvesik) - ChessTV & Videos


wcachess IM Rusa Goletiani (wcachess) - Videos


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RLH2 GM Robert Hess (RLH2) - ChessTV


HongKongJohn John Sargent (HongKongJohn) - ChessTV


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jfriedel GM Josh Friedel (jfriedel) - Videos & ChessTV


Shankland GM Sam Shankland (Shankland) - Videos & ChessTV


ImmortalTechnique FM Elliott Liu (ImmortalTechnique) - Videos & ChessTV


TigerLilov IM Valeri Lilov (TigerLilov) - Videos


JRLOK GM Roman Dzindzichashvili (JRLOK) - Videos


Natalia_Pogonina WGM Natalia_Pogonina - Articles


AlexYermo GM Alex Yermolinsky (AlexYermo) - Videos & ChessTV


Keaton87 IM Keaton Kiewra (Keaton87) - Videos


Ginger_GM GM Simon Williams (Ginger_GM) - Videos


kaidanov GM Gregory Kaidanov (kaidanov) - Videos


dbojkov GM Dejan Bojkov (dbojkov) - Articles, Videos & Lessons


Nezhmet IM Mark Ginsburg (Nezhmet) - Videos & ChessTV
Trendle IM Thomas Rendle (Trendle) - Videos & ChessTV


AlexanderL GM Alex Lenderman (AlexanderL) - Videos


MusicCityMaster FM Todd Andrews (MusicCityMaster) - Videos


hellokostya FM Kostya Kavutskiy (hellokostya) - Videos & Articles


BryanSmith GM BryanSmith - Articles & Lessons


JoelBchess FM Joel Banawa (JoelBchess) - Lessons


DavidPetty DavidPetty - Friend and ChessKid Contributor


jon Jon - Friend and Technical Advisor
alien_roger Roger - Android Friend
retired_workaholic Jules (kohai) - Friend & Original Site Mom
ajessu Albert (ajessu) - Friend
ChessGamertag Timothy - Friend &Consultant
mathguyma mathguyma - Abuse Detection Advisor & Friend

I love playing chess and interacting with various people from all walks of life. Look forward to making new friends.


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