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Best chess app on the market

by K_27_Daily

If you are interested in learning the wonderful game of chess, or already know how to play, then this is the app for you! The design is flawless... This is one of the best apps in general that I've ever downloaded. 10/10 would recommend to anyone interested in chess!

Better than computer chess

by Jack Attack

I love this app. Within two days I began to dramatically improve my game. The lessons help you better understand the game and how to play it, the daily puzzles and tactics also help understand certain moves…. For free this app is a MUST.

A must have app

by Bluecollardjunkman

If you love the game of Chess, this is a must have app. Play at any time with real people from around the world…. The app has hundreds of lessons, tactics and tons of useful tools. This has become my favorite app. Download and enjoy!


by IanBoBian

Simply put, this app is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and expert chess players. Play anyone around the world in chess, and also get the skills necessary to feel comfortable playing a full game of chess. This is a must get app. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Great way to learn or improve!

by slhumph has a great web site with a ton of resources for chess players of all levels. The app brings most of those resources to your mobile device. A great way to learn about chess and improve your chess play.

Student of the game


Not only great for gameplay, but the free lessons, articles, videos and daily puzzles are just what young chess players need to get them in the game and become the best chess player they can be. Excellent app for beginners as well as chess clubs!