NFL Football Fans

٢٤٥ عضو
٢١ فعالية لُعبت

A place for all American Football fans to hang out, chat, chill, and watch the games! We have a scoreboard updating weekly, prizes for correctly calling games, and more! Every week we have a competition to see who can most accurately predict games, you don't want to miss it!

We do happen to have some join requirements though! Meet them and you get inhappy.png

  1. Must have played over 30 games
  2. join date of at least one month prior
  3. list your favorite team so we can add you to the list in our private description

Note: American Football, not soccer grin.png

We have very good conversations and competitions, and 100% of our members agreed that we have better conversations than most large clubs. We value conversations and fun over members(which is why we don’t invite grin.png)