A Blessed Gift from Heaven

A Blessed Gift from Heaven‎

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I am speaking only for myself when I say that chess is the most fun you can have without doing something wrong.   Racquetball is a close second but the inconvenience of racquetball decreases the pleasure.  If you want to play racquet ball you have to have a friend who wants to play, you have to leave your house, change your clothes, tolerate a men’s locker room, then you have to shower , get dressed and come all the way back home.  You could also get injured playing racquetball. Once you get the notion to play chess you can be playing in less than a minute.  You do not even need another person anymore.  You can play a computer.  I like to eat a large pizza all by my self.  That is good fun for me. On it, I like too much cheese, Canadian bacon, and pineapple.   Unlike chess, this is fattening, pricey and it does not last long The thing I enjoy doing most is sitting in the shade drinking beer.  Maybe with a big yellow dog and a young Thai woman named Star.  Hello, Honey! If you are reading this. This ideal situation does not stack up well when compared with chess.   Beer, like Hawaiian pizzas, is also fattening, costs money and you may wake up in jail the next morning. A big yellow dog is a lot of responsibility and they can be inconvenient.  There are many places where your dog is not welcome.  Dogs grow dependant on you and you must stay loyal to them or you are bad.  You cannot just put them in a box and set them on shelf when it is convenient. The reason you can get so much pleasure from chess without having a downside is that chess is not in this world.   The chess game only exists in mind.  The chessboard and pieces are just markers in case you forget where you agreed to insert the component concepts such as knights and pawns.  In the future, I will write an article persuading the chess world to change chess terminology.  The terms we have now often imply that chess is in the physical world with us. It is safe to assume that if there is a heaven that there is a great deal of chess played there.  I have heard the idea that they eat milk and honey in heaven too.  Milk and honey are foods you can eat without hurting any life forms.  If there is milk that means there can be cheese.  Those of us who are good may find our selves playing chess and eating cheese for eternity.  That would be ok I think.  I like cheese. Chess is blessed gift from heaven for the very good men in this world.  They do not have to wait for their reward.  Chess is obviously a sacred and holy game.  Typically,in a chess game, two minds come together and merge intimately. Humans cannot come closer together than this.  One game two minds.  See?  It would be much wiser to play chess with the woman we love rather than have intercourse with them.  I am not going to expand on this idea now.  I will write a completely different article about it.  I will call it.  “Why Chess is Better than Sex. I know that, now,  you are wondering if God plays chess.  The answer is yes and soon there will be a computer chess program that can beat him.