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How To Become A Streamer On Chess.com
Be a Chess.com streamer!

How To Become A Streamer On Chess.com

How do I start streaming on Chess.com?

First, singup for a username and channel url at twitch.tv (your channel will be twitch.tv/yournamehere with whatever name you choose).

UPDATE: Chess and Twitch have partnered to help streamers!

Next, you'll need to download streaming software. There are many great programs which allow you to share your computer's screen, along with your microphone webcam. Some popular programs include XSplit and OBS. Once you've familiarized yourself with one of these programs, you're only steps away from streaming your content to chess fans everywhere!

Why get listed at Chess.com/Streamers?

The truth is that once you have a channel setup, and you understand your streaming software, there's nothing and nobody stopping you from just streaming on your own, playing games, solving puzzles or doing anything and everything you like on Chess.com! But if you fill out the form below and get approved, benefits of being a streamer on Chess.com include:

  • Follow Icons on your Chess.com profile page and at Chess.com/Streamers (normally reserved for titled players and chess celebrities)


  • Alerts and notifications to members who follow your stream when you "go live"
  • Social shouts for your streams on Twitter 
  • Ability to make announcements with links to members in chess.com/live
  • and more!

Still have more questions? Check out our FAQ, click here.

I'm in! What's next?

Fill out the form below. Once Chess.com staff has verified your fulfillment of all the requirements above, you will get approved, and automatically be listed at chess.com/streamers. At this time you'll also receive a congratulatory message on Chess.com for confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm intimidated with all the options! Which website should I choose? What's the difference between them all? Don't be scared! You can't make a wrong choice. As we said, Chess.com recommends Twitch, but here's a few guides explaining / answering common questions:

What software should I use for my shows? Is there an easy way to understand the differences between them? Chess.com recommends XSplit for its helpful tools and easy to understand user interface, but here's some quick links to tutorials on your options:

Do you have any recommendations on sound and equipment? We do! Surely there are many great microphones and webcams, but we've done our research and have lots of experience. Most of Chess.com's paid streamers and video authors use the following:

Will Chess.com help my streams look good? Yes, we will. 

Chess.com will:

  • Provide you with a professional looking template to use when streaming (example below).
  • Promote your stream on social media. 
  • Allow you to promote your stream with announcements in live chess. 

Why do I see some streamers get their shows embedded at chess.com/tv and mine aren't? Streamers on Chess/TV have "Partner Status", and are considered amongst our best, most entertaining streamers. They receive this perk of reaching thousands more viewers via the chess.com/tv embed for the quality of their shows and service to the community.

How do I earn "Partner Status"? First thing you should do is take note of what their shows do differently and try to emulate that experience. If you do this, and as long as your stream maintains a quality product, we can promise that we are always watching and on the lookout for future chess stars!

Secondly, Partner status requires that:

  • The majority of your content is "family friendly", and something Chess.com would be proud to put its name and brand behind (all shows on ChessTV must be "PG" rated)
  • You stream regularly (at least once a week), even if that stream is not embedded. Partners must be consistent users of Chess.com, streaming regularly, even if not featured on chess.com/tv
  • Have built a strong following (subject to review by Chess.com Staff), but this means at least a few hundred followers/subscribers at your given platform (Twitch, YouTube, etc) and a loyal fan base
  • At least 75% of the videos/content found at your channel(s) use Chess.com.

If you feel you meet these requirements, Chess.com will do everything it can to promote you to Partner status and help you build your audience! Contact username BrotherJosh and give him your reasons for being considered.

I have a great personality, and it sounds fun, but is there really an audience for this stuff? Yes, there is! Live streaming video and eSports are taking over the internet. Twitch has an average of two million people streaming a multitude of games every day! Other services like Livestream and YouTube are also actively hosting web events across the globe every minute. Chess.com/Streamers already lists many of the world's most famous "chess streaming" personalities, and there's room for you!

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