Labate Sues Trice For $21.2 Million

Oct 30, 2008, 12:00 AM |
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The Edward Labate vs Ed Trice saga has come to a climactic end.  Mr. Labate won his court battle over Trice and was awarded 21.2 million dollars in a civil action suit on October 16th.

To view an actual copy of the court order, click here:

Some of you will recall that Trice was attempting to collect money from unsuspecting chess fans for a bogus edition of a famous Bobby Fischer publication, calling it “My 61 Memorable Games”.  After approaching Labate with this proposition and promptly being turned down, an angry Trice attempted to lay blame on Labate as being the party behind this disrespectful and unlawful hoax.

Many accusations and battles ensued between these two on several chess sites all over the internet, with Trice constantly being proven wrong and continuing to spin an elaborate web of lies and false statements. 

It got to the point where legal action was the final recourse to prove once and for all who was telling the truth in this very public war of words.  The court system awarded a lawsuit in favor of Labate and ordered Trice to cease his libelous and slanderous attacks in all forms of media.

It is good to see this all come to an end and even better to see that the court system works.  Trice thought that he was above the law and completely untouchable.  He believed that his lies and unlawful actions would never come back on him …… but he was definitely wrong.

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