The Master’s Bulletin, July 2014

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Peter’s Chess Vibes


Dubai Heights

“As a chess journalist I have travelled quite a lot and I have seen many interesting places. The farthest to the west that I went to report on chess was Mexico City; the farthest to the East was Shanghai, and now I have also made it to the highest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa in Dubai!” writes editor Peter Doggers in his intro. After attending the Norway Chess tournament, he visited the World Rapid & Blitz Championship in Dubai. [Subscribe / Single issue in our shop]

   In the Spotlight


Norway Chess: The Five Best!

The Norway Chess tournament was an absolute cracker, with 7
players from the world's top 10 playing. You won't have missed that
Sergey Karjakin repeated is success from last year. GM Alexander Ipatov picked his favorite games and annotated them in a very instructive way! [Subscribe / Single issue in our shop]

   Beyond the Board...


...With GM Alexander Shabalov

In this column we interview a different chess player every month. We go beyond the chess board and try to find out more about his or her personality, character and lifestyle! This month we present 46-year-old, four-time U.S. Champion GM Alexander Shabalov (2501). [Subscribe / Single issue in our shop]

   Topical Theory


Agdestein’s French

47-year-old GM Simen Agdestein was the surprise of the Norway Chess tournament as he (comfortably!) drew with many super grandmasters. GM Georg Meier looks at Agdestein's main weapon as Black against 1.e4: the 8...Qb6 line of the Classical French. [Subscribe / Single issue in our shop]


Aronian’s Ragozin

Besides the Grünfeld, the Ragozin Defense is one of the most topical replies to 1.d4 at top level these days. IM Danny Rensch created a big theoretical overview which includes some deep personal analysis by GM Alex Lenderman, who played the line against e.g. Hikaru Nakamura. [Subscribe / Single issue in our shop]

   Tasty Tactics


Tactical exercises for you to solve, selected by IM Robert Ris [Subscribe / Single issue in our shop]

Middlegame Musings


A Tale of Two (or Three?) Openings

This month we're dealing with dazzling transpositions. IM Arthur van de Oudeweetering looks at the remarkable game Khalifman- Brodsky from the Voronezh Master Open, where not one, not two, but three openings in one game were seen! [Subscribe / Single issue in our shop]

The Endgame Explained


Rook Ending Technique: Cutting Off Horizontal

Endgame technique is about well-known positions, maneuvers and even typical combinations. This month IM Robert Ris discusses the technique of cutting of the enemy king “horizontal,” along a rank, so that it cannot join the defense. [Subscribe / Single issue in our shop]

Afek’s Corner


Endgame Studies

Every month we present you three endgame studies selected by IM Yochanan Afek: player, trainer, endgame study composer and writer. The studies are especially useful for the practical player. Next month we’ll publish the solutions. Good luck solving! [Subscribe / Single issue in our shop]

Grandmaster Tips for Beginners


Dejan Bojkov

This month's GM tips come from Bulgarian GM Dejan Bojkov, a well-known author of videos, Chess Mentors and articles. One of his tips is to ‘play like a team’ - use all of your pieces! [Subscribe / Single issue in our shop]

Member’s Analysis Analyzed


Roman Dzindzichashvili

In this column GM Roman Dzindzichashvili picks a Member's game to analyze in depth. He provides critique to the game, as well as the member's own analysis. Games can be submitted by joining the's Master's Bulletin group[Subscribe / Single issue in our shop]

In the News


Magnus Carlsen Triple World Champion

Magnus Carlsen won both the FIDE World Rapid Championship and the FIDE World Blitz Championship in Dubai, and so the Norwegian now holds the crown in three different time controls. He wasn't top seeded in either event, and with a large number of many rounds and many top players present, Carlsen wasn't considered more than a slight favorite. A historic achievement, described by Garry Kasparov as “a little like winning tennis slams on clay, grass and hard court.” Read the final reports on the rapid here and on the blitz here.


Hou Yifan Wins Lopota Grand Prix, Closes in on Polgar

Hou Yifan won the Women's Grand Prix tournament in Lopota, Georgia after dominating the event from start to finish. The 20-year-old Chinese grandmaster eventually scored 9.0/11 (a 2772 performance), and that was two points more than Ju Wenjun of China and Elina Danielian of Armenia. Hou Yifan won €10,000 with her victory but also gained 18.1 rating points, and now she is only 29 rating points behind Judit Polgar in the live ratings. Read the final report here.


Changes in the Laws of Chess - What Should You Know?

Bringing a phone to the playing hall may lead to a loss, an illegal move will lose the game also in rapid chess, and two illegal moves lead to a loss in classical chess. These are some of the changes in the new rules of chess, which came in effect on July 1st. The new FIDE Laws of Chess, as they are officially called, were adopted at the FIDE Congress in Tallinn, Estonia in October 2013 and are now the rules that chess arbiters (and players!) need to follow. Read the full story here.


Norowitz Makes Biggest Death Match Comeback in History

Everyone and their cousin knew GM Boris Avrukh needed a lead going into the bullet portion of Death Match 25 on Sunday, June 22nd. When he stretched the margin to five games, most thought the distance was enough. All except his opponent, IM Yaacov Norowitz. The park player and blitz fiend made the largest comeback in Death Match history as he pulled out a win by taking the final five games to clip Avrukh, 14.5-13.5. “As soon as I just started to play and not care, I started playing better,” he said. Read the report here.

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