Veselin Topalov- who is he?

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I am going to start to try and write some articles about the greatest GMs we have today. i started with my personal favorite Magnus Carlsen and am now going to do Topalov.

Veselin Topalov aged 33  is a Bulgarian and former FIDE world champion. According to the April 2008 FIDE rating list, he is ranked fourth in the world with a rating of 2767. He has scored the 2nd highest ever rating of 2813, behind the legendary Kasparovs 2851. He won the World Championship in 2005 but lost it in controversy in 2006 against Kramnik (who became the first undisputed champion in thirteen years). The controversy came when the Bulgarian team made a public statement that Kramnik visited his private bathroom (the only place without any audio or video surveillance) unreasonably often, about 50 times per game (a number that FIDE officials later claimed to be exaggerated) and made the most significant decisions in the game in the bathroom. Furthermore when they asked for CCTV footage of his dressing room through games 1-4 only parts of the video were available, explaining that other parts of it were missing due to technical issues. In effect, they were accusing Kramnik of consulting computer programming as his moves were the same as Fritz had calculated (although i read somewhere that if that was proof of cheating Capablanca used the same moves as a computer and he played before their existance). After much disagreement the match carried on as usual and after a 6-6 draw, Topalov lost his tie break.

In January 2007, Topalov finished in joint first place (ahead of Kramnik, who finished 4th) at the Corus Chess Tournament along with Aronian and Radjabov.

He has most recently finished 2nd in the Mtel Masters.

The game i have included is the 1999 Corus chess tournament and is generally hailed as one of the greatest games ever played. Kasparov later said, "During the game Topalov looked up. Perhaps there was a sign from above that Topalov would play a great game today"

I will not make comments as i believe it is at a level to which i will never make and think you should just watch the beauty of the game for yourself.

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