This club is going to follow the format of Grand chess tour. But over here instead of different venues (which is not possible) we are going to have different time controls! Following will be the time controls

1) 30 sec (ultra bullet)

2) 1min (bullet)

3) 1min + 1sec (bullet)

4) 3min (blitz)

5) 3min + 2sec (blitz)

6) 5min (blitz)

7) 5min+ 5sec (blitz)

8) 10min (blitz)

9) 10min+10sec (rapid)

10) 15min+3sec (rapid)


Points  system

1st gets 30 points. 2nd gets 15 points 3rd gets 10 points. 4th and 5th get 5 points. 6th-10th get 3 points and all others get a point. You can play 7 of 10 events but it must include at least one rapid. Its compulsory!