Happy Family



Hola happy.png ❤❤❤

We want to invite you, to our extended family, the happy family club clubs.png

In this club, you will get many benefits,

1. You will get lots of friends, this first point, we highly uphold, cause according to our club motto "GENS UNA SUMUS" we are one family, in this first point, you not only get friends online, but you can get real friends, we really love about chatting making new friends, who knows maybe you will get a partner life? tongue.png

we provide chat group on whatsapp, here is the link:  https://chat.whatsapp.com/JUsBJ5NGPSa1dcA8LVvMEf Our Whatsapp Group Happy family club


2. In this club, we provide lessons about chess, such as the techniques of chess traps, advice, motivation, and tips to improve your chess skills.


3. In this club every month there will be a tournament for internal members, with a beautiful medal prize made by our professional admin staff.

1st Place


4. In this club we really appreciate the fighters or players who play for our club, we will create a virtual certificate for our top three best players for each year. in this point we still in project to make it.


5. In this club too, you can listen to music and songs, and you can also share your music tastes in this club,


6. In this club you can share stories, cultures, humor, and life experiences, in this club we prioritize togetherness and help each other, because we are a happy family