Lahaina Chess Club

Lahaina, Maui
1 iyn 2022
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Jul 28, 2022
Hi everyone! I’m quite new to chess, so thank you for accepting me :) but I saw that you meet at the Lahaina library on Tuesday’s? Does that still happen?
Jul 27, 2022
I'd love to join for a thursday chess session! Tuesday at Baldwin is for high schoolers I'm assuming?
Jul 23, 2022
@sinew420 has a chess club on Tuesdays at Baldwin from 2 to sunset. We also play on Thursdays in Kihei at my friends house in the evenings.
Jul 22, 2022
Yea sounds good, be nice too play a real game, even if you guys destroy me haha, I think I’m the worst one here lol
Jul 22, 2022
I agree! I met up with a few people already from Maui Chess Club. Many people are eager to participate in person. I'll gladly meet up with any one of you.
World Cities League 2023

World Cities League 2023

uptophigh | 24 iyl 2022
World Cities League (WCL) 2023 Lahaina Chess Club  can enter in September 2022 with round 1 beginning in November 2022. There is a 5 player minimum for division 4.
Lahaina Quick Facts

Lahaina Quick Facts

uptophigh | 5 iyn 2022
1. Lahaina 2020 population is 12,700 and 40,000 with tourists. 2. Whales are sited often. 3. Rainbows are common. 4. Banyan trees are associated with Lahaina town.
Avatars present a good appearance

Avatars present a good appearance

uptophigh | 5 iyn 2022
When you are representing Lahiana, your profile appearance is important. These are some quick guidelines. 1. Make your profile DARK so your opponents can not see what openings or defences that you play in chess. 2. Place a profile picture up, it is your avatar. It represents you in a chess match. I am a big fan of privacy. Your chess picture does not have to be a picture of you but it should be something. It should not be offence to others. You might want to concider a profession...