Hey! I'm somewhere in Canada. My favourite chess player is Fabiano Caruana! I hope to be like him someday!

Try to say "Coca Cola" without your lips touching, now say it normally.

Your lips never even touched in the first place! grin

 I have a club for people who have played more than 500 games on! We play an arena once a week and Super admin/admin tournaments! We also challenge other clubs!!! Here is the link to join!

A little more about me.....

Favourite NHL Team: Oilers!!!

Favourite MLB Team: Blue Jays

Favourite NBA Team: Lakers

Favourite color: orange!

Some people that I love to talk or joke around to:

@GMchessminator = bro works so hard and is so funny!!! 

@BestBubble7 = we literally are 5 year olds when we talk lol!

@HayleyRules12345 = great chess student and just absolute fun when we have a chat!

@shaun293290  = he helps my club and is a great friend to have!

@Lawyer_SaulGoodman_1 (previously Mr_Woofie999) so great to have someone to just have a fun time and put a smile on my face!

@justelliott61970 = Bro tries his best on the POC club and organizes so much stuff!

@Scemer = YOU'RE BACK!!!

@Stuart_Little65512  = always asks how I'm doing and is awesome to talk to!