Hello everyone! 

Thanks for viewing my profile! happy.pngwink.png

Things about me-

1. I am a 14 year old boy from India 

2. I love playing chess, especially blitz blitz.pngblitz.png

3. My favorite color is GREEN

4. My club is LEARN CHESS (not auto join link)

5. My goals for the year 2021-

Reach 2000 blitz rtg.

Reach 2700 puzzle rtg.

Reach 2000 rapid rtg.

Reach 1600 daily chess rtg.

I would like you to-

1. Join these clubs-



Not auto join links happy.png

2. Join this league-

Competitive Stars League

3. Read my blogs (they r good)

I am playing many leagues, some as player, some as captain.  I will join every league u invite me to. Note- it should be a league.

I accept all friend requests happy.png

I beat a CM - (It was a 3/0 game, he was in time pressure) 

Easy grab for me this tongue.png
as I told before, I love to play leagues. If you want to be in my team for any leagues, plz contact me soon.

Thanks for reading happy.png

Have a good day happy.png