29 iyn 2012
Ən Son Onlayn
3 saat əvvəl

Updated: 1st July 2020 (New National Identity - Why?)
 I only started playing serious chess in 2012 although I did play casually in the early 1990’s when I loved playing as Black and my favorite piece was the Queen given its immense power - hence 'BlackQueen2012'.  Of course, things have well moved on since joining this site in 2012.  In 2013, I joined a relatively strong local club in Drogheda (Ireland) and registered with the Irish Chess Union (ICU) in September that year after which I narrowly qualified for the club’s 2014 intermediate (B) Championship - I scored a very reasonable 5 points out of 9 games.  The following June I entered my first open competition (2014 Drogheda June Congress) where I scored 3 credible draws out of 5 games (had a bye).


Since September 2014, I have been involved with Team Chess (The Leinster League) which continues to be very much a learning curve to this day though my latest results there are quite favorable (over 50% since winning my last game in March 2020 before the Covid-19 lockdowns).  My online performance has waned somewhat over the last couple of years (reached a new record of 1969) - I'm putting this down to increasing competitive pressure along with my own personal priorities - I haven't gotten worse (better if anything), but I guess I'm not improving fast enough to maintain or increase my rating.


Now to the point of nationality - I'm Irish but my flag is not and neither is my anthem - '...o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!'  Well to lay it bare, Ireland of today is very unrepresentative of my values.  A nation of Saints and Scholars is a past dream - a nation of Christian heritage and excellence in enterprise/innovation - this was never realized in full as abuse coverups and gossip imbued the country in a culture of secrecy - the majority of people were decent but never spoke up for fear of ridicule.  What has turned me off Ireland as a nation is the response to its problems.  In the wake of the Tuam Scandal, abortion was not only introduced in 2019, but it was celebrated with enthusiasm in the mainstream arena.  Ireland continues to lick up to the EU instead of embracing its national values - the nation has no backbone and now in so-called progression, Green ideology is so trendy, particularly amongst the young and middle aged in urban areas.  There is now an irrational hatred of the car in favor of cycling - a narrative that is being pushed by 'climate change' scaremongering.  Irish people still continue to listen to the mainstream narrative and of course, there's never a good word for President Donald Trump - at least that man has some backbone!!!  Also, as the narrative continues, I believe that the indigenous population of Ireland is now below 80% (should be at least 85%) and falling quite rapidly - some say that the Irish will be a minority by 2050.  There's no assimilation either as Arabic dress styles become more common.  No one is shouting stop amid mass apathy and narrow interests - Ireland as a nation will not survive and what I'm doing is my way of highlighting the fall of Ireland - perhaps someone will listen!