Titullu Oyunçu

Twitch -

YouTube - "Are you drunk sir? Dude!!" - 2800 lichess GM to me!

lichess -

Very original player with lots of crazy ideas. It's unclear how this guy is a National Master, but he definitely has a Grandmaster norm in mischief and trolling in chess. 

Wesley is the inventor of the Drunken Master Opening-

He once even trolled the one and only @danielrensch with it,'s main man!

Wesley reflects on spiritual truths in chess in a Zoom series called Chess With Wes!

He created a fun project to make moves on via speech recognition, as well as new and exciting chess variants like Mess My Move and Phantom Chess!

He can use the mouse with both the right and the left hand and reach 40+ in 3 minute Puzzle Rush

He live streams his chess revelations on Twitch -

He does live commentary for Puzzle Battle matches

Gejimayu (3043) vs Tanitoluwa Adewumi (2886)

He trolls spammers who invite him to their clubs by inviting them to subscribe to his channels. This is called reverse spamming. 

Wesley is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will. wink.png