22 noy 2013
Last Online

Hello, I was an active player for a year when I was 15, ca 1977. The day Magnus Carlsen won WC I just got back, and enrolled at  I like it!

I got two nephews that are stronger players than me. When they were 8 years, I was the one to beat. Today it is the opposite situation, and I really try to come back to give them a fair match.

About my nick. Derevnja is Russian and I think it means "countryside" Translated to English, "Johnny from the woods" is not accurate, but sounds better. I am learning Russian these days, because my lady is a the eminent Russian author Natalia Kopsova, and I want to read her books.

Natasha met Karpov and Kasparov once, when she worked for Moscow. They should have apartments, and it was important too see to that they didnt meet eachother at the office, because they were too hard rivals.

When I was 15 I played for Åsnes Chessclub, a very young chessclub with unexperienced players deep inside the Norwegian woods. I won the clubchampionship, but we were most teenagers, and three grownups rated under 1600. I live in Oslo now.

I am trying to get my skills back, and actually thinks I am getting some, learning a lot from 10 minute chess tactic training and more.