I am a twelve-year-old who plays chess, basketball, violin, and likes to read books. On lichess my name is EthanJojy and on Chesskid my name is TidyAwesomeScooter. I am the October 2021 Member of the Month from Road to GM. I am the proud owner of a club called The Mighty 64.

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1. Join my very own club! We have live tournaments, daily matches, and vote chess. Later in the future, we might have membership giveaways.

2. Join Road to GM, I play in most of their live tournaments which are always really fun!  It isn't my club, but it's very fun! I even won a membership from them!

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I am a champion.

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People Who I consider Great Friends:

@Lightning: I don't even know what to say, you've helped me a lot and you even introduced me to NFL Football Fans.

People who I consider Good Friends:

@BestBubble7: I am angry at her at the moment of writing this but she is a good friend to me and she introduced me to Bubbles of Chess. I don't know how bubbles and chess mix but I'm happy to have known her.

@Alphaous: Two Words, Fax Master

@Gamer829: He's a W Man. Understands me and knows what I'm doing.

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My Biggest Blitz Win:

My Biggest Rapid Win
(My Bullet win is a dirty flag)