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President of Saint Petersburg Chess Club & Chess Club Joy.

US Certified Chess coach Level 2 & Tournament Director
Regional Vice President for West Florida

Cell phone: (727) 776-5583 

E-mail: timotey_gospodinov@yahoo.com

Chess Club Joy offers online chess lessons. It is only $40 per hour and you can pay on our website -https://chessclubjoy.webs.com/  . All you need is a free account at chess.com and Skype or messenger. For more information call  or email me!!!

Chess lessons are the best way to improve your chess skills.I offer private lessons for anyone no matter what skill level they are. It is only $40 per hour. For me, the most important part of the Chess game is the Endgame-first I teach my students everything important to know about the Endgame.

I know most chess players don’t like studying endgames. They spend all their dedicated chess time memorizing 10th and 11th moves of one of the lines in Closed Sicilian or some other opening.Then, after losing game, after game , they are very disappointed and say something like ‘Why do I lose? I spend so much time studying chess!’ If only they spend 25% of the time they spend ‘studying’ openings to understand simple endgames they would’ve been so much better chess players… 200 points better or maybe even 400?

Let me start by stating that memorizing an opening does not make you a good chess player, in fact its quite the opposite! Until you reach a sufficient strength (1500+) then main line openings should be almost ignored. Much more important is understanding the opening principles. Let me give you an example from my games… I know many openings by heart, but I also know that others do too, if I'm playing a 1200-1600 player that knows 20 moves of theory then it would be silly to let them play those positions like a 2600+ Grandmaster. Very often I start with moves like b3, g3, Nf3, e3 for no other reason than too take them out of book. Very often this strategy means I get a winning position well before move 20 as the opponent hasn't understood the position correctly.Of course openings are important, and choosing an opening repertoire can be difficult at the best of times. There is no such thing as a ‘best’ opening! However there is such thing as the best opening for a particular person. What do I mean by this. Everyone has a different playing style, and most of the time they wont discover their playing style until they reach at least 1200 though it normally takes until 1400-1500. There are Positional players, Wild attackers, Stodgy defenders, Counter attackers, Solid players. And of course mixes of all these types. The really good players (2000+) are normally are a combination of all of these combined. However ones preferences never truly disappear so that’s when choosing an opening that suits you is important.

What’s so important about endgames is that they teach fundamentals of cooperation between pieces and pawns. By studying endgames first and only then middle-games and openings your training will be much more efficient and effective. You will understand what endgame is winning and which one isn’t, you will also understand when and what pieces to trade in the middle game to achieve favorable ending. Only after understanding endgames and middle-games well, it makes sense to study openings, since you already will know what type of middle-game and endgame you want to aim for. One of the greatest chess players of the past Mr. Capablanca, suggested that one should start learning chess from studying endgames. First, a player should start with simple endgames with just a few pawns present on the board and then move on to more complex and sophisticated ‘piece’ endgames.

Our way of teaching is very productive. Two of our students is a National Champions! We have also two Florida Scholastic State Champions  and Florida Scholastic blitz State Champion. We have the two students highest rated chess players for their age group in Florida. The new Scholastic St. Petersburg Chess Club Champion is one of our best students, gradually improving his skills. We also have a couple beginners who will be ready to win the tournaments after a couple of months. So if you are ready to improve your chess skills very fast and become a real chess champion don’t hesitate and call or E-mail us. We are available every day and any time