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CM GaborHorvath

Gabor Horvath

Belfast, Macarıstan
22 yan 2018
Son Daxil Olma
1 gün əvvəl
1 okt 2018 tarixindən saytı dəstəkləyən üzv



I am Gabor Horvath, a chess coach originally from Hungary. I am 38 years old and live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

A little bit about me

I learnt chess from my father when I was 6 and have been participating in tournaments since I was 14. My home town had a thriving chess life, and I was fortunate enough to be able to work with renowned Hungarian coaches IM Bela Molnar and IM Gyula Meszaros. During this time I studied and played with some talented young players who later became professionals (GM Gyula Pap, GM Gabor Papp, GM Ferenc Berkes, GM Peter Acs, WGM Anna Rudolf). Thanks to this, I gained a solid foundation in chess which I put to good use in my coaching practice.

Over the years I have won a number of tournaments in Hungary, Brazil, England, and Northern Ireland. (Yes, I am a bit of a globetrotter grin.png). You can find some of my recent results here:


I have been coaching for 10 years and do it as a full time job. I have been working with some talented youngsters (one my students has been recently picked for the English U10 team), but nowadays I am mostly specialising in coaching adult club players up to 1800 FIDE. 

How I can help you

As I have a lot of experience in teaching both kids and adults at all levels, I am familiar with the common difficulties people struggling with, and know how to overcome them.

If you decide to work with me, we will:

  • Identify your recurring mistakes and get rid of them with specific training.
  • Learn how to apply a principled way of thinking to find the best moves. 
  • Learn effective training methods, so you know how to make the most of your studying time.

How your lessons will look

  • We start the lesson with a theoretical part, explaining an important concept illustrated by examples.
  • After the theoretical part we solve a set of exercises related to our main topic in a highly interactive form.
  • At the end of every lesson I provide you with some bonus material for further independent studying.
  • We will use Skype with video and audio sharing, and a digital board (a shared analysis board on chess.com or a Chessbase board).
  • What we exactly learn will depend on your particular needs, there is no set curriculum.

My English is close to native level, so communication between us should work well.

What is the next step

If you are interested, please drop me an email to hogata11@gmail.com or send a private message here. First we will arrange a free, non-committal Skype chat to discuss your goals and get to know each other.

The price of a lesson is 25 USD or 20 GBP per hour, and the first lesson is always half-price.


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