16 sen 2016
Ən Son Onlayn
5 saat əvvəl

Patzer 😩 | Tilter 📉 | Professional Swindler 👌

Hi! You can call me GM! Unfortunately, I'm not one. 

Unfortunately, I tried to make a push on my bullet rating, but failed. My peak was 1981. So close to 2000 sad.png.

I have now retired bullet, now at a crisp 1775, which is fine. 

Now I am deciding to actually get better, meaning, no more blitz/bullet, only rapid.

I play 10 min games (sometimes 15|10 games)

If you are 1400 or above in rapid, feel free to send me a challenge! I most probably will accept, but if I don't it might be because I'm in a bad mood, or I don't have enough time. 

My adopted list is pretty short, but that's because I don't keep track of all my adoptions:

@Josephyossi (Double Adopted)



@stockfish (No, really. Just farmed the computer by play 10 second games. Unfortunately, doesn't allow computers to play games less than 1 min anymore sad.png)

I am allowed to play ultra/hyper bullet, bullet, and blitz on lichess!

Click here to get to my profile on lichess! 

Anyway, it's probably gonna take me some time to actually become good. I am currently aiming for 1600 rapid grin.png

Some stuff about me:

- I am a boy. 

- I am gifted (means that I'm (maybe too) smart for my age happy.png  (I AM SO BIG BRAIN) )

- My favorite subject is World History, and I'm good at math, ITS JUST SO ANNOYING angry.png

- I spend too much time on 

I also play nitro type, a website where you can race to collect cool cars

Click here to go to my Nitrotype profile!

Anyway, that's it for now. Thanks for taking the time to read my description happy.png

Have an awesome day!