Here are the clubs where I hold administrative roles:

Almost all of the clubs above are active and the ones I like the most! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@Justelliott61970: Unsure where to start, but our journey began when I founded Paladins of Chess (POC) and met this incredible individual. Fast forward four months, and he's evolved into a super admin, weaving his unique tales into our club's fabric. His life's a rollercoaster of hilarity, and boy, do those stories crack me up! 🎢 Despite being the target of my jokes (sorry, not sorry 😅), his witty comebacks and generosity, like giving away memberships and helping in a lot stuff is the best parts about him. A fun-loving conversationalist, he's the one who truly gets me on Overall, he's not just amazing; he's irreplaceable.

@Millyumi: …..What can I say about her…?........Too much…

@Love-Lilys: Childish, nice, smartly stoopid, forgiving, and sneaky - that's Lydia for you! 😜

@Totally_Choll: Too energetic.....

@Bestbubble7🫧: Literally the most confusing person I’ve met, thinks negatively about everything, has trust issues. Too easy to deceive but too hard to control. She's confusing, ignorant in some way(not in a bad way), somewhat interesting and did I say confus-. Gets angry and sad at small things, 😶trust me, you do NOT want to mess with her when she is angry……..just stay on her good side and you’ll live.

@xxrichdudecoolstrongxx: X,  I call him X, 😂I think of X as a bald villian in a 5 million dollar budget movie. But he's around my age. Nice,funny, interesting, fun, hard to read but overall great! 😎We are both Homies/G's (Just found out what that means). 

@Scemer 😼: The FIDE scheming cat himself! 😼 Sure, we may bicker, but it's all in good fun. 😜 A helpful super admin who loves to push my buttons.

@CallmeLyric : A wise…..nice….funny….smart….hilarious….helpful friend.

@Lilyana 😠: Loves to annoy me but an helpful friend during rough times for sure.

@Tuchipu 🤩: Chip,Chipu,Ipu,Pu,Tuch,Tuchi. She's the nicest and one of the most friendly person I know, I love talking to her. : D

@ThatDevilCat 🫠: Great friend to have and very understanding with much patience. Blue is the best………’’indeed.’' Unfortunately he left the social side of since he was muted for a long time but I'll always remember him.

@MandotheMango1067 : I don't why so many people dislike him, he's just like me with a unique sense of humor which people don't understand. I don't care what others say but he is the most helpful admin. : )

@Kayden_Potter 🤔: Nice guy to talk with but loves thinking about closing. I'm on a mission to get him new friends! 

@Two_Set_Chess🙂: A true OG of POC! 🙌 His early support shaped the club into what it is today. 😎 Let's just say, he's cooler than I initially thought!

@maths111111 🤔: Great guy to talk with! one of my ''good-est'' friends on here! 🤨He acts a bit ga- I mean strange sometimes but overall a nice guy.....indeed. #Karaminator💪

@William1109 🤪: The man of many nicknames! 😂 Don't let his seriousness fool you; he's just playing around. 🍉 Cheating? He takes that seriously, though. 😶

Good Friends:

@Gingerbread_wriggle 😀: A hidden gem on! ✨ The more I chat with him, the more I appreciate his kindness and warmth. 🌟

@bananapeelmaster123: He is my age but I am 5 months older than him. He is a fun guy to talk to and he acts like a 5 year old sometimes but thats my favorite thing about him😆. But overall he is a great and good guy to talk to. 😶His Oilers obsession though.........

@shaun293290 : A bit inactive lately but acts like my older brother.

@IM_LegendaryPawn69: A true chess legend! 🏆 Drawing against an IM while being a GM? That's legendary! 💪

@HerMajestyNightdragon 👍: The queen of club management! 👑 Despite her occasional struggles, she's always kind and welcoming. Be sure to join her clubs! 🎉

People who asked to be in my bio or nice people I'm too lazy to write about:

@Agrolucario35, @Jared, @TheAuthorOfChickens,@JMaudremari,@Nicholas_Bize ,@GM_Katsu,@Minos_Prime001,@Selenoi,@Pawnsonglikedawn,@awesomechessplayer3456890,@Spooky_Germonies, @sleepydedPepe,@dearprince, @ThankfulBone (W VC captain, frfr)

@Caleb341 is someone who seems to be on the same wavelength as me; we just think alike. While he may not be able to read minds, conversing with him about club-related matters feels like he can. His greatest achievement, as far as I'm aware, is his club Vs. ChessKid, which has become the rival of my club, Paladins of Chess.We are friendly rivals in different categories through our clubs. We both bring a wealth of experience to the table, understanding aspects of club management that many other club owners may not get.

Random images I stole from other peoples bio: 

Srui's painting (she told me not to put it in my bio so of course I had to put it) :

Random quotes😁:

''Edit out the swearing or I’ll edit you out of the club💀'' - @Jared

''I’ve come because yes.'' -  @Scemer

''To give is to receive and to receive is to give.''  - @Minos_Prime001 

''Lets taco about it.'' - @charlesbeat21

''🗿I have nothing to be jealous about from two weirdos sending kissing emojis in a chess club'' - @GMchessminator

''Here's a mirror : 🤡''  - @GMchessminator

''I hately love you'' - @Millyumi

''I just found out that fishes can drown'' - @Millyumi

''Indeed'' - @ThatDevilCat

''Who likes trees?'' - @TheAuthorOfChickens

''Life is too short to talk '' -  @GMchessminator

"Life doesnt matter no more I got a new high schore" - sleepydedpepe -@lilyana

''Once heard this quote from someone. "Happy wife, happy life." now I can see why.''  -@JMaudremari

''In fact I used to simp on my cat… '' -  @Nicholas_Bize

''Don't get sad by this but I love my cat more then any one of you on…''-@Nicholas_Bize

''Life is not lifeing'' - @Totally_Choll

''O_o The fish looks fishy'' - @GMchessminator

''I am proud to be a nerd, I worship Stephen Hawking : D'' -@AstroTheoretical_Physics

''I did a fusion dance withn monkey egg and potato.'' - @Mc-Virgin

''I forgot to feed my pet fish water.'' - @xxrichdudecoolstrongxx

''I got a quote. "Quote"'' - @GM_Katsu

''What can I say? A bunch of teens being all snugly on a chess app where you play chess😐💀🗿'' - @Nicholas_Bize 

''Every rose has a thorn'' - @ThatDevilCat 

''You are the thorn, I'm the rose.'' - @GMchessminator

"shush or I'll eat your chairs" - @Lilyana

''square bob sponge pants '' - @Likes2317 

''GM put this in your list of quotes: "cos(2a) = cos²(a) - sin²(a)" '' - @dearprince

''In a world where fish drown and cats are the object of affection, where chess emojis kiss and tacos talk, remember: life may not be lifeing, but at least we can laugh at our reflections in the mirror of absurdity. 🗿🤡'' - @Caleb341

''If something doesnt feel right , go left'' - @SethPaloGM

''Here look, I deleted it  happy'' - @BlackholeExpert2021

''Here, I'll delete you out of the cord position.'' - @GMchessminator