24 iyn 2015
Ən Son Onlayn
10 saat əvvəl


What do you need to know about me?

You are probably here because idk

Who am I? A thirteen year old girl who would appreciate if people stop sending creepy messages.

I know I reset my puzzles. I was 4k. Don't ask why. I feel ashamed like an idiot. Lol

How did I get to 4k puzzles? The puzzles repeat after hitting 3500. Just grind up to 3500 and ur good. How to grind up to 3500? I can't help you with that :/

Do I suck for my rating? Absolutely.

I lose to a lot of lower rated players. Oh well. 

I haven't played chess in a while, just a few unrated games so hopefully after school is done for the week I can relax a little

Please don't be a toxic bughouse partner. Please don't spam me with club invites and things like that. 

I know I have a bad habit of saying "like" "and yea" "so yea" "um yea" so yea.

Good people and people that I talk to and people I play chess with and bughouse etc. and people that requested to be on this wall of fame type of thing (I probably put too many people but whatever I'm just looking through my friends list (btw the ones at the top are the ones that came first to mind)):

















I am condensing my profile. My old profile was long and unnecessary and I have put it into Google Docs to keep. It filled up 22 pages lol

Please don't challenge me to a rated game of chess unless you are at least -100 my own rating. I accept all unrated challenges. 


  1. I don't get enough rating points for winning people lower rated than I am
  2. Rated games are for gaining rating, and unrated games are for fun
  3. I might not be in the mood for chess at the moment, and am probably going to lose no matter what rating you are just because I'm not focused
  4. I don't like people who brag over beating a higher rated player, and I know plenty of people challenge higher rated players for that reason only

Speaking of accepting things, I also accept all friend requests, unless I have never ever seen you before anywhere. I respond to all *normal* messages right away, unless I'm taking a nap, lol. I accept club invites if they seem familiar, or have people that I know, but most of the time I rarely take club invites so I have that disabled at the moment. Don't bypass it by sending a join link.

adopted: @1e4_1-0 (30 sec)

@rk_killermac (1 min)

@anchaniru (I'm not sure if they want to be featured on here, if not, let me know if you ever see this; 1 min Live 960)

side note: just double checked my stats and apparently it's 15 in a row, because I won like ten games on one day and then got matched with them in the pool again on another game, but it counts since it was all the same time control/wins were consecutive right?

(1 min)

+7: @MasterOvFan known as @Master_ov_Fan (10 sec; they left after the 17th)

+2: @Epiloque (idk how I got really lucky; 1 min)

twice: @MISTER_McCHESS (2 min crazyhouse and 1 min) 

@PeakPolarBear (1 min, and 6 in a row in blitz (they left after I did not lose a game) so not actually twice but kind of)

5 in a row: @josephyossi 

escaped adoption from: @SNUDOO or now known as @B1ZMARK (1 min; won the 6th game!)

@josephyossi (30 sec; yes, it's possible to try adopting someone that has tried to adopt you)

@Komodo17 (2 min; I drew the 9th game, heheh)

@JACOB_CHENG_CHESS (30 sec (drew 8th game I'm so slow at bullet MANY OF THOSE SHOULD'VE BEEN MY WINS lol) and 3 min (I won 6th game what a miracle)

ok shhh I just tarnished my orphan record, but I got double adopted by this kid on lichess in ultrabullet, I think they were cheating since my clock ticked to zero while theirs was at like 12 the entire time so yeaaaaaa you didn't read that

I still count myself as an orphan just because it took place on lichess and lichess sucks so it shouldn't count. THE PREMOVES ARE SO BADDDDDDDDDD

blitz milestones:

1700 (9/26) 

1800 (10/15)

1900 (11/6)

blitz is going nowhere

bullet milestones:

1900 (10/13)

2000 (10/20)

2100 (11/3)


2200 (1/2)

I'm retired now

rapid milestones: 1500 (9/10)

1600 (9/19)

1700 (10/15)

1800 (11/22)

1900 (12/18)

such slow progress lol

puzzles milestones:

3000 (11/6) 

3100 (11/11)

3200 (11/20)

3300 (11/26)

3400 (11/26 (Yes, I grinded to new hundreds on the same day))


3600 (12/11 this took the absolute longest omg, but I think I'm on my way to 4k )

3700 (12/14)

3800 (12/19 almost there!!)

3900 (12/22 ARE WE THERE YET )

4000 (12/23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


4200 (I'm too lazy to check my history and see when I achieved this so yea but I did achieve that so I'm putting it here lol)

by the way, my progress doesn't show but my peak rating is still 4249 in puzzles because I reset it.

Why you are blocked:

  1. Weird person (like, overly weird)
  2. Rude person
  3. Creepy person (you won't believe how many of these exist)
  4. Salty loser
  5. Toxic bughouse partner

My opening repertoire:



To be honest, I am having such a hard time finding good openings to play. I don't play any openings in particular, I just go along with what my opponent does. Ok fine, here you can know some things I play. Yes, I am giving you free preparation to play me. Can someone help me please, I really need help with openings.

As white:

  • e4
  • occasionally I play the Bird's, and sometimes I play the KIA
  • against Sicilian - 2. a3, Open Sicilian, Closed Sicilian (Grand Prix Attack), Smith-Morra, or I follow Dragon theory, I absolutely hate the Sicilian I lose to it all the time -_-
  • against French - Rubenstein, sometimes Advance when I forget to play Rubenstein, exchange when I just want an easy drawish game, but I always lose to the French anyways
  • against e5 - Italian (sooooooooo boring but idk what else to play and do not suggest the Ruy Lopez, no thanks) and the occasional Evan's Gambit but I keep hanging rooks in the Evan's Gambit, idk how, so I don't play it as much anymore
  • against Pirc - I hate the Pirc. I just play d4, Nf3, Bc4, idk, normal looking moves and hope for the best.
  • against Caro-Kann - Hillbilly Attack or Advance, Short
  • against Alekhine's defense - e5
  • against Scandinavian - exd5, Nc3, Bc4, d3, Bd2
  • against everything else - I move my pieces to normal looking squares and hope for the very best

As black: 

  • against e4 - e5, I accept all gambits. Scotch - exd4, then Nf6 (Dubois Reti), KG - Schallopp defense (works like a charm), Evans - Anderssen, Rosentreter - Bxd4, etc too lazy to put more gambits. I hate playing e5 against e4, but I really don't want to play the Sicilian, French, Pirc, or anything else (I know I just listed off probably the biggest openings that are the most common so yea but yea) although sometimes I play the Scandinavian (I hate it but I play it because it's the next best thing to e5)
  • against d4 - d5, QGD or Albin Countergambit or Tarrasch defense, or if they don't play c4 then I just move my pieces to normal looking squares and hope for the best again.
  • against f4 - c5 then Nc6 and stuff 
  • against c4 - e5, Reversed Sicilian against uncommon stuff like e3 and d3, b3 and g3, - just move my pieces to normal looking squares and hope for the best!?

I am not going to post my "titled player wins" here. Why? Because most of my "titled player wins" are on time or bullet, and bullet is not real chess. I am also not going to post my best games. Why? Because I am lazy lol.

alright things you need to know

It is pacific time in California. I do not involve myself in politics anymore. I enjoy playing blindfold chess even though I'm not the greatest at it. I enjoy analyzing games, feel free to send me games in dms and I can analyze them for fun.

my discord: esther#7780