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Arty is my nickname here fyi! my none nightcore music playlist.

Peace the f*** out~ @elm2007 when saying goodbye after a heated nsfw argument. lol

4.8k followers, 134k views, 14.3k points! made by @RainingPawns28, he is my best untitled friend on! Thanks a lot! happy.png


1. Do you watch anime or the hardcore version? I DON'T WATCH ANY ANIME 

2. Where do you get your pfps and bgs? From nightcore videos, the thumbnails.

3. Are you a weeb? I DON'T HAVE A WAIFU NOR A PILLOW.

4. Are you gurl or boi? DATS PERSONAL!

5. Why are you good at bullet? Coz just play faster and better, Ez clap.

6. Why are you noob? COZ I AM, BITE ME.

I accept all friend requests! happy.png 

@kingofthenil, @riley (welcome back bro), @tobi0709, @Snowflake100, (rip for the billionth time) @Igor_Kowalski, @jimis98, @Yoavjm_2004, @josiwales, @vaibhavraut99, @Aakash-Dalvi7 ( never been 3k yet but definitely deserves it )  Some op 3k players who helped me on the way to 3k.

Best two Percy Jackson fanfictions. my twitch follow if you can thx!

Current world number 19 in bullet, number 1 in rapid, under 300 in blitz!


Some ( definitely not all ) of my previous backgrounds, feel free to use them! happy.png

Genji cooOOOooOO0000OOOO0oOOoo0oOoo0oOoo0OOooo0o0OOo0O0ooOl.

Bye, have a nice day.