checkmating masters whose name i cant to play to lose...thrilled when i win.....51% lose 47% win 2% draw........aint scared of no one......My best game was vs IM Catalin Navrotescu Romania wcn master challenge  feb 2 2005   .....and here is my game vs GM Larry Christiansen in 24 moves may 13,2006 .... wcn master challenge IM Nix vs GM Christiansen....d4 Nf6 Nf3 g6 /3/c4 Bg7 grunfeld Nc3 d5 /5/Bg5 Ne4 Nxd5 Nxg5 /7/ Nxg5 e6 Nb4 Qxg5 /9/ e3 0-0 Qc2 c5 /11/ 0-0-0 cxb4 Bd3 Nc6 /13/ Kb1 Bd7 f4 Qa5 /15/ Rhf1 Rac8 h4 b5 /17/ h5 bxc4 Be4 b3 /19/ axb3 Nb4 hxg6 Qa2+ /21/ Kc1 cxb3 gxf7+ Kh8 /23/ Rh1 bxc2 Rh7 #

and if you don't believe me...go find IM Miodrag Perunovic, or GM Sergey Volkov and ask them "is IM jim nix creative"? see what he answers!!! bet he says yes