15 avq 2019
Ən Son Onlayn
İndi Onlayn


"As you think so shall you be” 


"The observer does not see perception nor a change in perception of those observed."


Words Do Not Cut the Mustard

Language, the verbal one, is often inadequate. Words ain't it. When we hold a conversation there are any number of communications happening; minimum four. Words, body language, volume and tone. We can build on this, not ad infinitum, but we may build a lengthy list.. Don't get me started on written communication. Ok, do. It takes an above average writer to communicate effectively, which is to say the communication may not be misunderstood. Consider the best pieces of written word. Debate of the meaning may be common, there may be multiple accepted interpretations. What are you trying to say? Words do not cut the mustard.   

**Authors Note: this is a philosophical thought and meant to be insightful as to language, not to be confused with heresy, blasphemy, or the like. Thank You. 


Werner Graph of Isle of Man

Me mum spat me into doc’s mits back home, Isle of Man. Before I could remember things, the old man drug us West, to the states. I’ve been trying to escape the expanding parking lot since. Some of my brothers embrace it, consuming parking lot space by the yard, sisters too. My big sister Mary is right up here with me moose wrangling. Animals big as a house. It’s how we do our time. Currently I have an address in Canada and split time in Montana tattooing some company logo On every moose we can manage. We are still in the states, but it's nice up here.  


"Your psychology is yours and yours alone. You decide many things within your own psychology, including what you deem as torturous. Don't torture yourself."


Chess Rules to live by.

1. El rey es para ataque. (The king is an attacking piece) 

2. Ocult a tu planifica el mayor tiempo

posible. (Conceal your plan as long as possible) 

3. No traigas a tu reina temprano. (Don’t bring your queen out early) 

4. No hay sustituto para buenos movimientos (There is no substitute for good moves)

After the opening you are on your own. We’ve bought you books and sent you to school. Remember these four simple rules, play fair, be friendly, and always remember to have fun.