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Jun Caberte

Maasin City, Filippin
29 dek 2009
Son Daxil Olma
Jun 8, 2017
An avid fan of chess. Learned chess at the age of ten through a classmate while in fourth grade. The game really fascinated me since then but never got my attention to take it seriously or maybe the interest of the game didn't stick on me as there were no close friends or family members who were hooked on the game at that time so the enthuasiasm of playing chess is on and off. Indulged more in other sports like basketball which is very popular, volleyball among others. My interest in chess rekindled or was brought back to life during my high school days but limited only in playing with close friends and relatives. I started reading chess books on my own especially about the life and story of world chess champions . Since then playing chess becomes my favorite hobby. In my stint in DPWH Southern Leyte Engineering District, I also participated in inter-regional tournament. Here in Dubai chess is my favorite past time game, and I am always bringing my kids with me to the club to lure them into the game. As the late Bobby Fischer said "You can only get good in chess if you love the game", and I believe its true as I can see it with my sons - of the progress in their level of playing the game.
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