update 5/29/2021        


Age- Dead

Gender- pro gamer and chess player 

Languages- English and Mandarin

My personality type is calm most of the time sometimes if i'm mad tho...

My favorite songs are...well there's too much 

favorite youtubers... uhhhhhh wait um i dont remember um lemme go to youtube... i think theres to many

My favorite book is ink trioligy

My favorite color is Idk how to describe it 

My hobbies include reading, gaming , , eating, cooking, and some more stuff

My favorite food  is probably  cheesecake ( but I have a ton more )

My gaming style is GRIND my reading style read read read ... ( ... = infinite read )

My favorite subject is language arts and reading 

My favorite animal is the Dog (only cuz I have one) sike

My favorite games are among us, Roblox, Minecraft, fortnite, 

My favorite series and authors are Rick Riordan , Erin Hunter, Rick Riordan Presents ( that is a author), jenny Nimmo,and                         matthew ward 

My favorite sports are chess ( yes it does count) soccer football and dodgeball (only bc I am god at it ) and basketball