3 avq 2007
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i used to work in a foundry. an average middle aged bloke with eccentric tendencies. ha ha. you cant be young for ever, but you can always be imature. if im on site im up for a game!! i also play poker online.( why i bother i do not know ! muppets !) i`ve got an xbox360 and have played console games for decades!tv:dr.who is ace ,sci~fi in general floats my boat.books:(them things made of paper with lots of words in)asimov,hienlein,doug adams,dick francis,james herbert,anne mcaffery. music :bowie,people who can play instruments! classical,quality heavy metal, i dont listen to elvis (that`ll go down well,lol! ).chess: love it as a war game. its not popular with friends so i had to play computers. i play it for fun and to excercise my brain.......it needs a jog . if you wanna play just ask!! (i get tetchy when im not playing many games !)


taxing the mind, another conundrum,
the same puzzle as before but its not humdrum.
battle lines drawn across the floor,
chequered squares in all sixty four.
battle opens infantry on the move,
forward ever forward ,so much to prove.
generals plan flank attacks and trap evasion,
deep in thought,weighing up the equation.
its the midst of battle,action is all around.
through imagined gunsmoke hear the cannon pound.
hussar leap soldiers grounded,
objective sited enemy king surrounded.
the end approaches through acrid stench,
defending artillery ,in vain entrench
in honour borne of battles yore,
defeated king bows head tward floor......
                                                                  david  g. wright

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