22 yan 2020
Ən Son Onlayn
2 saat əvvəl

Hi!! I am A 10 year old boy who loves to play chess. I live in Santiago, Chile but I was born in the USA. If you want to play chess with me please check if I am on online. If you want to play daily lets play! If you want to join a club hit this: or this: whole family is on My dad is @tiozaorich. my mom is @NICKNIDO. My sister is @Miaranch. My cousin is @Ibot6. My uncle is @jimlehrer. My grandfather is @mzito2020. My grandmother is @bubbe541  Please send me an award on July 8th which is my birthday. I love to play in tournaments. and I am in a lot of clubs. My favorite types of chess are: 3 check, blitz, bullet, Crazyhouse and bug house. 

Now go win those chess games!!!!!!!!!

Here are some chess puzzles: What do you do here? PM me what you think the answer is.

If you get one right and tell me I will give you 3 trophies.

I also have a youtube channel: please subscribe to it. I have have 6 subscribers and I want to get 10 by my birthday. Thank you for reading my profile.


Sport team: New England Patriots

Sport player: Tom Brady 

Chess trap: English gambet

Opening: Fried liver atack