I am a Masked Nuisance, but the only reason I'm wearing a mask is bc corona. I will totally change my name to "Nuisance" after corona ends don't @ me.

If I ever don't respond to ur message, it's most likely bc I had a heart attack.

Is anyone up for a 10|0 adoption duel? get 10 wins ahead vs me, and you have the ultimate flex.

Note: @ishotkira has not adopted me, no matter what she says.



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Chickens(Ran away after 3+ matches)


Currently Dueling

@PacMaster000 - 3.5-7.5

@ishotkira - 3-5

@Chris_E_S3 - 4-11

@OneTrueBapee - 17-14

@N30N100 - 4-3

@xXCRY0TICXx2 - 0-0

@noImAparrot - 0-0

Rickroll List



@chessPlatypus01 (x3)

@ishotkira (x2)




@FoxWithNekoEars (x28) (Double Rickdopted)


@LilPrincess901 (x2)


@suntian (x27) (Double Rickdopted) 

@AZA-kun (x3)









@supercoolguy2000 (x2)



@Leon_Likes_Chess (x216) (Unviguple Rickdopted)



@DasBurner (x2)




@xXCRY0TICXx2 (x2)











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