I learned how to play chess one summer time when my cousin Gary spend his vacation in our province. I'm about 10 years old then. He explained to me the rules of the game & how to move pieces, etc. By the time he went back to Manila, he left & gave me the chessboard that we used to play with. I'm so happy then not because I already winning all my games against him (ha-ha-ha) but I treasured it as a sign of our friendship. There's no stopping then for my love for the game of chess. I used to represent our school during my high school & college days whenever there are tournaments around. Win some, lose some, it doesn't matter. I simply luv the game. I also believe in the saying that "The best defense is offense". Bobby Fischer, Gary Kasparov, Mikhail Tal & Jonathan Speelman are some of my favorite GMs and of course our very own Eugene Torre who brought honors & prestige to our beloved country - the Philippines!