Hi! I have finally gotten around to improving my profile, yay! (This was updated on 5th October)

Now, You might ask, Why is this guy so busy? 🙄

Well, As you might be knowing, I am -:

The owner of the Not-So Pro Puzzle Battle League

I am an admin in Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League, Not So pro Bullet Chess league, and the Not-So Pro Variant Chess league

Now, You might be thinking "Show off 🙄" and I'll own it guys, I love showing off what I'm good at, It's just a trait that I have 

Now, Let's run through some of the things that I know about you (yes, You've read this thousands of times on other profiles but have fun coz this is great)

1) You are a human 

2) You (or rather your device) is connected to the internet

3) You are waiting for the "I missed the number" thing but I know you're smarter than that wink.png

4) You checked to see the index of the numbers even though I said I didn't miss anything

5) One thing I'm sure of is that when you bite your tongue, It hurts

6) You may have checked by biting your tongue but it doesn't hurt when you know you are biting

7) Meh, I'm tired of this so let's move on!



Now, You may have read that I am an admin in Not So Pro's what are they? 

They are team style tournaments, I wanted to add more but I just got tired


I might write here if I get any other ideas but that sums it up happy.png