28 apr 2020
Ən Son Onlayn
4 saat əvvəl

(Discord) Status meanings; I'm going to use discord statuses because why not

Online: Replying to messages, sending messages, active in forums, available.

Idle: Only replying to messages when they come.

Do not disturb: Not replying to messages, not active in forums.

My Chesspersonality result is mastermind. I'm pretty bad at KOTL. I run KOTL: The Unoriginal. If you would like to join, click on this hyperlink and post a comment. I will not accept friend requests unless I know you pretty well. I'm currently aiming for a rating of 1000 in all chess variants. If you like memes I can generate some original memes for you. Press on 'more' for quotes, skills, games, blah blah (or maybe you do not need to, I do not know) 

Quotes by MrOOF600:

1. "The limit is not the universe. The limit is not space outside of the universe. The only limits are you not trying, and thinking there is a limit."


2. "Your reaction to death is your last impression on somebody."


3. "The pawn isn't necessarily bad. It is how the player uses it that decides its role."


4. "Whenever you feel there is no hope left; there is always hope. Everything is improving, little by little, sometimes so less that you do not notice it. But, it is still improving."


5. "Everything has value, even the tiniest bit."


6. "The most important artefact in a troll is attention. Take it away from them and they will be a troll no more."


7. "Time is the only thing we lack."


8. "The only thing we lack is time. We need time to recover from sicknesses. We need time to complete gruelling tasks. We need time to learn. We need time to eat. Without time, nobody would be able to do anything. Thus, time is the only thing we lack."


9. "Anybody who is part of a project helps, even without knowing."


Some other good quotes:

"Life is a potter's wheel, where you have to shape yourself, the clay, into what you want to be."(note:this was not the original one)

-Annlaw Clay-Shaper, from The Chronicles of Prydain, Taran Wanderer.


Mathematics: Advanced

Piano: Advanced

English and comprehension: Average

Chess: Intermediate

Bot Developing: Newbie

Ultrabullet (15 sec chess): OP

Computer wins: Level 5

Computer level 6:

Draw with Computer Level 7: