I re-started playing online chess during the 2020 lockdowns, and I was very impressed by some Nepomniachtchi's games played in the first half of the Yekaterinburg Candidates tournament, where the h-pawn advance was decisive. To be able to put the ideas I learned then into use more often, I stared to play h4 on move one and 1...h5 as Black. It served me in good stead.

It's not for me to clip the moments where I was unsuccessful. I certainly had a fair share of those. So I especially appreciate the streamers who avoided to show my bad chess moments, for me those are the best streamers.

But I also had good Twitch moments. The following links lead to some of those. Most of them are hardly my best games, but still, I enjoyed those games a lot.

clips.twitch.tv/HashtagChess_vs._AnnaCramling (my first Twitch sub battle)

clips.twitch.tv/ChessDojo_vs._GMNeiksans (rapid club match)

youtu.be/Pawngrubber_vs._GMNeiksans (Twitch sub battle, everyone on the team was required to play f3 followed by Kf2, or the equivalent for Black)

clips.twitch.tv/KimmyLiu_vs._HashtagChess (rapid club match)

clips.twitch.tv/Opferschach_vs._HashtagChess (me trying to beat a good chess streamer)

clips.twitch.tv/JoseMvp31_vs._GMKrikor and the other side (batalla de suscriptores de Twitch)

clips.twitch.tv/ChessDojo_vs._GMCanty (Twitch sub battle)

clips.twitch.tv/Bishop_and_knight_mate (u1300 ChessDojo rapid tournament)

clips.twitch.tv/the_apprent1ce_vs._ChessWeeb (Twitch sub battle)

clips.twitch.tv/Opferschach_vs._Mariya_Zubova (me actually beating a good chess streamer)

clips.twitch.tv/Fruzsi_vs._Lula (Twitch sub battle)

clips.twitch.tv/Opferschach_wins_with_a_perfect_score (u1600 ChessDojo rapid tournament)

clips.twitch.tv/ChessDojo_vs._PhotoChess (Twitch sub battle)

clips.twitch.tv/Attacking_with_the_Crab_opening (ChessDojo rapid tournament)

clips.twitch.tv/Mate_by_castling (ChessDojo rapid match)

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