26 fev 2017
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I have always loved Chess. Wherever I was in the world I always formed a group that played me simultaneously and I taught as best as I could.  I always gave one move mistakes back because it ruined the flavor of the game. You make a mistake; the game is lost but it drags on and on; boring.

 After 70 years in industry; I retired.  At the time I knew nothing about computers. So I was extremely bored. Also I came down with lung problems so I was almost home-bound. My son bought me one of those chess boards that had a computer in it and again I was happy.

 I found, however, that even at its maximum setting I was winning (barring the oops of course which the computer allowed me to take back).  Being bored; I started putting together all the stories I developed to create interest while teaching the game with the intent of publishing.

But then I thought; why not tell everyone how to win without years of study and play. I published through Amazon. Just enter patrick stoddard  english edition.

 Last year my grandson showed me this site on the laptop computer and taught me how to use it.  Now I'm having the time of my life.  Great games.  Also I might say I'm making stupid mistakes; But therein lies the beauty of the game. We are human