Hello and welcome to my profile!😁
I am Raphaël Madoré--Guesdon and I live in France. I am 13 years old.
I started chess 3 years ago and since then I'm always on Chess.com!👍
I play mostly KOTH, Blitz, Rapid and daily.
My best rating is 1600 in KOTH and I intend to become one of the best players of this variant!😎💪

I also have a club: The KOTH Team!
The biggest KOTH club on Chess.com!💪😉
We are very active with many matches, tournaments, majority games...

Click on the image for join!

And from October 23rd, the KOTH World Championships will start exclusively for the members of the KOTH Team! 👍🤩
Only KOTH Team members can participate so join us!

Here is my blog:


Don't hesitate to ask me as a friend! I'd love to!🤩😁

Here is my FIDE profile:

Some of my best games in KOTH or classic!

Thanks a lot for visiting my profile!👍😊