17 apr 2014
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12 saat əvvəl

Hello world!

Bit about me... as it's supposed to be here wink.png:

My name's neither Ebenezer, nor Johnny and not Rockerfeller of course! grin.png

You may call me anything you like... I prefer to conceal my identity so as not to let my opponents do home preperations. I am from Tehran, Iran and the perfect English you see in my chatrooms is a fruit of my own hard practice, as I started learning english from 3.

I am 19 and I've been studying metallurgy for 3 years in university.

any other questions? tongue.png  You are free to leave a note tongue.png

By the way, I am not a cheater, once you call me cheater... you'll be on my personal wall of shame. so don't even try it.

Oh, and the picture is from the game "The west". for an invite link, you can see the blog post. join me in world colorado for fun wink.png ciao