16 okt 2015
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Chess is a great father/son sport! My Dad taught me to play when I was a young teen. He beat me all the time so I quit for a couple of years. When I started playing him again he beat me half of the time. Then I quit for awhile again. In the mean time I joined a chess club and learned how to play better. Then I started playing him and I beat him almost all of the time. He was a great teacher but he was almost 70 years old then and, as they say, "the old grey matter ain't what it used to be!"

I encourage fathers to teach their sons chess as it is a good way to bond with them and help them develop mental skills such as planning ahead, thinking before moving, memorizing, studying, and developing one's imagination.


Some time later I went to college and continued to play chess and won an intramural chess tournament or two. When I was about 19 I met a young man in his early 20's who was a better chess player than me. He usually beat me at least three out of four games.

In the mean time, I recognized academics wasn't everything in life after achieving a high scholastic goal with my grades and feeling empty inside. My emptiness led to a search where I found the Lord Jesus Christ or you could say He found me. I then developed a great appetite for reading the Holy Bible and devoured it. God had become real to me.

After awhile, I sensed the Lord wanted me to reach out to my chess-playing friend who was also the president of his own company which really impressed me. I brought my Bible with me and set it down while I played my friend. I beat him badly three games in a row, really crushing him, unlike any of my previous games with him. I knew it wasn't me. It was the Lord!

The Lord got his attention as, unknown to me, he was a Christian who had gotten away from the Lord and who had made chess into an idol. He later got right with the Lord, turned his marriage around, gave up chess for awhile, and then went to Bible college to become a pastor.


So remember that chess is a great mental sport but knowing Jesus Christ is so much more important and wonderful. You may also find out like me that you can become addicted to chess and it can crowd out other more important things in your life. I have found out that my interest in chess can even crowd the Lord out of the central place of my heart if I let it.

I just wanted to encourage anyone who reads this that God is real, that He loves you, and that knowing Him is way better than even playing chess or becoming a grand master. He wants you to have a real relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ, who died for you.