Hello my name Jacob I'm 14 years old. My dad taught me how to play chess when I was 10 and I’ve started playing a lot in January of 2020. My goal is to get to get a rapid rating of 2000 (at the moment I’m rated 1700 ). Some of my other hobbies are making rubber band bracelets, Reading, drinking tea, hanging out with friends, and writing in my journal. I will accept most live game challenges if I’m online and most daily challenges. Also I have a chess club if you would like to join https://www.chess.com/club/ricorats-chess-club . 

List of masters I’ve played 

Super GM: 0

GM: 2

IM: 2

FM: 3

CM: 1

NM: 3

WGM: 0

WIM: 0

WFM: 0

WCM: 0

WNM: 0

Thank you for reading!