Trying to get to 1800 bullet

Trying to hit 1400 blitz

Trying to achieve 1500 rapid

Thinking about learning new openings soon…

Also thinking about putting more effort into chess…


@ninjaswat -a child with anime pfps, is a good chess player but spends hours on this cite like it’s his entire life

@dopelozer -has about the same amount of skill level as me (except bullet), likes eels (says it in his profile; probably a joke)

@ChessHistoryRocks -specializes in openings, runs a chess club (on the site, not IRL), has knowledge of an 1800-2000 but plays like a 1300-1400

@KingCobra280 -intermediate player, prob better than me, hasn’t been as active as last summer tho sad.png

@LazyDog24- communism, likes to organize events (i guess?), great to talk to, is a doggo child