11 noy 2014
Ən Son Onlayn
14 saat əvvəl

Hello dear chess friends!


I played my first chess game when I was 11, when a kid in my class taught me the moves. I immediately liked the game, and I tried to find someone to play with me among my friends or my family but nobody around me was very interested, so I never played much. Then I focused on other activities, such as sport, university, my career,... and I think that I probably played one or two chess games per year on average during the following 20 years.


In 2014, when I turned 33 years old, I decided to give chess another try by playing on Internet, and I opened an account on I felt in love with the game, and chess quickly became my hobby number one.


In 2016 I started playing in a chess club. It has been a great experience so far.


My personal challenge is to be able to learn and improve my chess little by little in the coming years, and to reach Expert level (2000 Elo) or more. In any case I am really enjoying the learning process.


I have been teaching chess, mainly to kids, at schools or through private lessons at home or on Internet, and this has been the source of many joyful moments.


I will be happy to meet new chess lovers and to learn from one another.


I speak English, French, Spanish, and Italian.